Remember This?

Can you remember this? I think you probably can. Let us know in the comments below and if y'all are struggling I'll upload a second pic later this afternoon.


    The Dig

      One day.

        The joke's no longer funny but he refuses to give up.

    SimCity 2000?,3353/
      Think the proof is this shot. I've noticed Mark and Tracey have a habbit of trawling Moby Games for Remember This

        HAPPYLND is in dire need of a UFO invasion.

      the one time I actually KNOW it and I lag on getting online =[


        Me to, I knew it from the thumbnail before even clicking on this post. :(

          Yeah, well I knew it before he even posted it. I just decided to let someone else have a go.

    Castle of the Winds?

      You mean Skyrim 2D?

    I'm backing the SimCity 2000 vote.

    Cobra Triangle (Just for something completely different)

    Damn it, the one time I actually know it immediately from looking at it and I'm way to late.

    Phantasy Star for the Master System, perhaps?

    Hell, I thought it was Sim City and I never had the game. :P

      No, it's SimCity 2000. SimCity is an earlier version, :-).

    reticulating spline

      deunionizing bulldozers

    Aargh. I finally know one at first glance and I'm stuck in a meeting with a client and unable to check it until miles after it's been guessed. Grrr.

    Having said that - Loved 2000. Got addicted to Hydro plants and cities with no roads - just subways for quite a while.

    way too late, but even without going to the comments it was obviously sim city 2000.

    I knew one, success! That water is iconic of SimCity 2000.

    GREAT... the one i actually knew straight away is also picked straight away ='(
    loved sim city 2000

    Hint for future screenshots - you can't pick a game with a level editor. Spent waaay too long staring at those tiles in detail.

    Come on, that was WAY too easy. Giving us the title shot at least meant we'd have to READ :)

    SimCity 2000

    Awww I didnt even get a chance to guess today.

    Thanks for bringing back awesome memories of that game though!

    The first thing that came to mind for me was Ultima Online.

    First game that screamed out at me was California Games. I don't know why.. it just did.

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