Reset Glitch May Wipe Out Gotham City Impostors Data

A glitch coming when a user updates Gotham City Impostors' trial version to a full game is causing reset of some players attributes and statistics, developer Monolith has said, which is particularly troubling since some players have boosted their attributes with paid upgrades.

Monolith, answering a lengthy (and upset) thread on the game's official forums, acknowledge the stats-wipe issue and tied it to the trial-to-full version upgrade. Some users said their stat wipes occurred after their game was purchased. The wipe affects features like the game's "Calling Card" unlockables and customised loadouts. Worse yet, notes Joystiq, is the fact some players have paid to boost their XP by purchasing an hour of double XP time for 50 cents.

Monolith is asking players to report any problems they encounter completely and immediately. It would seem they want this resolved pronto, because it's not good for business when players hold off on buying the full version out of fear they'll lose what they've earned.

Users report reset glitch in Gotham City Impostors [Source via Via. h/t Commenter]


    This is going to be free to play in under 6 months.

      More likely less - seriously producers need to start getting some perspective on what will and will not be flops - people could see this coming a mile off.

    Why would you sink money into a trial?

      What's 50 cents? Nothing really, if you have access to most of the same features, why not pay 50 cents as opposed to however much the paid version is?

    How about those promised dedicated servers as well...

    Goodbye Gotham City Impostors, we barely knew you. You died so young....

    u can only play it for 60 minutes for the trial but if delete it and if u run out u can delete it so u can your 60 minutes back

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