Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Will Let You Kick Zombies In Their Undead Junk

The next instalment in Capcom's survival horror series puts players in a three-sided warzone with two human factions gunning for each other and zombie-fied humans and beasts out to chomp whoever they can.

It's going to be an ultraviolent affair, kids. Watch and see for yourselves.


    Can someone tell my Resident Evil is so popular?

    I bought RE5 the other week, and I'm about half way through it.

    The storyline's deliciously Japanese and cheesy, it has some cool monster design, decent graphics -- but the gameplay, AI, and control scheme is incredibly dated. The majority of the difficulty I've found isn't due to the enemies (quite the opposite, given all they do is shamble towards you in a straight line), but it's all due to the woeful controls.

    Can anyone enlighten me?

      RE5 is probably the worst example of a Resident Evil game you could have played (excluding spinoffs). RE5 was an attempt to move away from its survival horror roots into a third person shooter with zombies and unnecessary co-op. I would suggest RE4 as a better option in order to judge why the series resonates with so many people.

        But surely the issues I had aren't new to the series?

        Or was the AI, gameplay, and controls better in RE4?

      If you have a 3DS, get RE Revelations. In my opinion, it is the best RE game yet, with a great story, great graphics, and it is incredibly scary if u play with headphones on in the dark.

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