Retro City Rampage Now Coming To Vita, Steam And PS3, Still Looks Rad

I've had my eye on Vblank Entertainment's Retro City Rampage for a good while now — it's hard not to be interested in a game that merges elements of the original Grand Theft Auto all manner of other retro games, wrapped up in a vintage style and what sounds like a kickass soundtrack.

This new trailer does not disappoint, and accompanies the news that the game will be arriving on a bunch of platforms, including the PS Vita. Specifically, it'll be out on PS3, Vita, XBLA, WiiWare and PC via steam. Nice.

Vblank founder Brian Provinciano told Kotaku that that they are targeting a May release for all platforms.

Retro City Rampage [Official Page]


    Is that the Ninja Turtles Party Wagon at 0:27?

      Yep, certainly looks like it, plus the TMNT underwater level as well from the same game. Plus at least half a dozen other throwbacks I can pick there.

    0:35 looked a bit like gain ground, well i'm in.

    This is something I'd love to play on a portable... but I can't see being able to afford a Vita anytime soon :-/

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