Retro Rumble Episode 1 - Don't Pee In The Pool

You know how outfits like Major League Gaming are full of sponsored kids playing the latest game at breakneck speeds? This is the exact opposite.

Welcome to Episode 1 of Retro Rumble, where a bunch of guys play (usually) terrible old video games to see who is the best. Or, least terrible.

Today the crew is playing Swimmer, a game so old (well, 1982 is pretty old) it was developed by Tehkan, who are now known as Tecmo.

Your host is James Jefferies, the three contestants are Aaron Holley, Shawn Whitelaw and Kris Powell. Nick Going is behind the camera, while Ed Farias is on technician duties.

We'll be back next Thursday with Episode 2!

Retro Rumble [Official Site]

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