Rockstar San Diego Hiring For New Open World Game

Rockstar San Diego Hiring For New Open World Game

I think when I look back, Red Dead Redemption may be my favourite game of this generation, so when I hear that Rockstar San Diego has put up two new job ads on Gamasutra that mention “open world experiences”, you can forgive me for getting a little excited.

Considering Red Dead Redemption was one of the biggest critical and commercial successes of the last few year, Rockstar San Diego working on a sequel is almost a given. Almost. There’s no confirmation, obviously, and Rockstar could be working on an entirely new IP, but our guess is that a new Red Dead game is in the works.

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      But seriously, you’re the first person I’ve seen who hasn’t enjoyed Red Dead on some level.

      The whole last third was pretty lame, but before that I had a great time.

      • It’s sitting on my pile of shame – played through the opening section, and just couldn’t get in to it. I’ll revisit it sometime to see if my opinion’s changed.

      • Really? I found the first third kinda lame, it was just Marston going around saying WHERES MY WIFE and the guy is like I’ll tell you after you do this 8 million favours for me.

        But it all picked up, and the story picked up and turned out amazing.

        • That exactly

          I found that it started slow, but once it started going i loved it.

          And the ending is fantastic. One of my favorite games of all time. I still play it when i want to go horsey riding and drag some poor shmuck along the dusty trail..

    • It was great, apart from all of the ‘hold X and listen to repetitive dialogue’ horse trips that covered most of it. :X
      Those characters were one line off suggesting a game of I Spy to pass the time between towns.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing a more substantial city area, nothing massive that takes the focus off of the wild west, but still a bit bigger than what Blackwater was.

  • The open sprawl of the desert and canyons is one of the things I loved most about this game… grew up watching cheap spaghetti westerns and this game just hit the spot for me… definitely areas I’d like to see improved, particularly the pace and relevance of the main story.

  • I don’t want to be a killjoy, but creating, or being part of the development of a game like that would be a whole lot different to experiencing it first hand with fresh eyes at your own pace.

    “L.A. Noire” took seven years to make and those who worked on the game told game site IGN of enormously high employee turnover rates, misleading contracts and working sometimes 110 hours in a week with no overtime compensation. And they described Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara as a nightmare of a boss”

  • Off-topic, but R*-related….

    I was quite keen on picking up that GTA III Claude figure. It’s rather expensive at $150 (but the detail is amazing). But hey, i thought sure, why not. Then when I got to processing the shipping aspect we get stung for a $124 DHL shipping fee! Wowsers. No thanks.

  • Yeah, I think this is some wishful thinking here…

    Pretty much all of Rockstars titles can be described as “open world experiences”… for this, i’m thinking Bully 2. I think the next RD title will be for the Vita, something akin to GTA: Chinatown Wars. Lets hope not 😛

  • If it’s a new RED dead game I hope I can swim this time. I was so disappointed when I couldn’t run across a river on my horse. The horse chase across the river is in most westerns, I don’t know why Rockstar didn’t implement it.

    • To stop you from having access to the whole map without implementing some kind of invisible wall I would imagine. Much like in GTA IV where it restricts you one island at a time. They clearly didn’t want us in New Mexico too early?!?! *chuckle*

      • All they had to do was max out your wanted level as soon as you crossed the border, that’s what they did in San Andreas if you made it past the borders before you were meant to.

    • One thing I’d throw into the ring, is that I doubt that everyone in the old west would have been able to swim.

      It’s entirely possible that John Marsden’s character in fact couldn’t actually swim!

  • The ending of Read Dead still goes down as one of the best ever.. not only in a game but in any form of media (movie, book etc).

  • I’m with Mark, I loved this game. It’s up there with my favourite titles of all time (we must have some old-school cowboy in us Mark, I could spend hours just hunting). Still wish they did a PC port, so I could play it on multi-monitors, but hey…cant have everything 🙂

  • Playing through at the moment… not particularly gripping. Of course, people say the first third is the worst part, but I’m finding it hard to get into. It’s not a bad game, it’s quite fun. I’m just having trouble getting excited about playing it.

  • I hate to see the word ‘revolution’ be overused like it has, but I guess there’s a chance of Red Dead Revolution with the story surrounding the ousting and hunting down of the governor/king of some region, basically steal the script from the ’98 zorro film and adjust accordingly.

  • Loved every minute of this game. Online was heaps fun too. Even the Zombie expansion was awesome. WILL NOT HEAR ANOTHER BAD WORD SAID ABOUT IT.

  • EXCITING OPPORTUNITY (to make us a smash hit sandbox game for low pay and shitty management, then ensured firing]!

    CALL NOW [to ensure we get you all slobbering/fighting to be part of Rockstar for about 24 months]!

  • I really like Red Dead Redemption, but I have two problems when thinking about a ‘sequel’…

    1. It ended. perfectly. no sequel should be made. (prequels maybe… but no sequel)

    2. It’d better not end up with an annoyingly bad/embarassing middle third of the game (i.e. Mexico missions) like RDR did… that also goes for the beginning and end too 😛

  • As much as a love the game, I’d like RS to work on something entirely new. They proved they can create an original & new* open-world IP besides GTA and have it be just as critically & commercially successful.

    However, my love for westerns is too great to say no to a sequel. But I would prefer something a little different. I wouldn’t want a continuing storyline or anything, not even the same era. Maybe an earlier western.

    *Red Dead Revolver doesn’t count.

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