Rumour: This Could Be A Teaser For A Cancelled Strider Game

Rumour: This Could Be A Teaser For A Cancelled Strider Game

Before its demise, gaming studio GRIN was working on new entries in the Bionic Commando and Strider series, Spanish gaming website Anait Games reported today.

Anait Games says the above trailer, found on the website of Spanish animation studio 23 Lunes, is actually a teaser for the cancelled Strider game, which Capcom had reportedly commissioned from GRIN.

Though eponymous protagonist Strider Hiryu has been popular for Capcom, appearing in several of its Marvel vs. Capcom fighting games, the platforming series has been silent in recent years. Its last full-fledged title was Strider II, released for the PlayStation in 2000.

Nintendo released the Sega Genesis version of Strider on Wii Virtual Console last week.

We’ve reached out to 23 Lunes and will update this story with any further comments.

GRIN: Los juegos perdidos [Anait Games]


  • Looks like Strider to me, strider took place in the Soviet era Khazakstan(where Borat’s from) simplified to Eurasia in the game but in a dystopian future version of it.It was based on an 80’s manga whose writers obvisiosly did’nt see the colapse of the USSR coming.
    So a ninja running around in the snow killing very Soviet era soilders looks about right to me.

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