Say Hi To The Witcher 2's Bad Guy In This Trailer

Despite Comrade Fahey's excellent review of The Witcher 2, it was just one of those games that I didn't get to in 2011. This trailer — featuring series hero Geralt facing off against the sword-for-hire whose killing is throwing the game's ingdoms into upheaval — makes me desperately want to correct that mistake.

Thankfully, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition hits Xbox 360 and PC on the 17th and I won't have longer to jump into the political intrigue and kick-ass spell-casting of CD Projekt Red's epic RPG adventure.


    Buy this game.


      Also, is there a Youtube version of this video?


      Also try to play the Witcher 1 first. Even a cheap old PC should be able to run it now.

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