See How Well The Vita Plays With/Against PS3

The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita share the sort of relationship that the Previous Sony Portable could only dream of. Maybe the PS3 thought the PSP was the one, but now it's found something much more intimate and personal.

Vita players can play games against PS3 players. They can play games with PS3 players. They can play games on the Vita as a second player using an entirely different perspective than the PS3 player.

Ultimately I could see this relationship evolving into something akin to what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U's HD display controller. We waited too long for the PlayStation Move. Now Sony has technology in place to potentially copy Nintendo before Nintendo's new tech even hits the market! That's foresight.

Comments flamebait, that last sentence.

    The PSV was announced prior to the WiiU, in development before the WiiU, and launches before the WiiU. The cross-play feature was announced before the WiiU.

    One could argue that the WiiU copied Sony.

      it was originally launched with the psp. not quite the same tech. but, very similar. i remember being able to use my psp with F1.

      The statement still holds true, since the PSV currently doesn't perform all the functions the WiiU does, but has the potential too.

    I'll instantly buy a PSV if Remote Play works with all PS3/PSN titles.

    So im guessing there cant be 1 copy of like bf3 in the ps3 with one person streaming it to the vita playing online with someone thats using the ps3 next to them?

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