See Watchmen, The Dark Knight Rises And More In All Their Toy Fair 2012 Glory

Spider-Man's new movie mask yellow eyes. Catwoman's nightvision-glasses-as-ears look works. And I still think Hawkeye's going to be the best character in the Avengers movie. Feast your eyes on the big offering from Marvel and DC from this year's celebration of plastic collectibles.


    Whoops at the Amazing Spiderman figures. They haven't done a full reveal of him in the trailers yet...

      Whoops at me. Forgot to say I'm talking about The Lizard.

      Why the hell are they doing a reboot anyway?? The last one was only 2008...

      What? The studios think we all forgot or something?...

        "The studios think we all forgot or something?…"

        After how bad 2 and 3 were...I do wanna forget.

          2 AND 3?
          3 was clearly dreadful, but Spiderman 2 is widely regarded as the best of the trilogy and a pretty good movie in general.

    Lizard is very clearly in the latest trailer.

      You did say full reveal which is true. Just presumed knowledge of Dr. Connors and all the flashes of lizard.

    I still cringe at that redesigned spidey suit. It just seems so arbitrarily 'Ben Reilly'd up.
    And I'm still one of those jerks 'with no taste' that thinks Hathaway + underwhelming costume are going to come together to make a catwoman I have a real hard time taking seriously. :-P

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