See Your PS Vita's Precise Battery Level Via PC

Minimal user interfaces are all the rage these days, though the PlayStation Vita may have taken it a step too far by neglecting to add a percentage option to check its battery level. If you're insanely curious about the amount of juice left in your handheld, well, there is a way to get a reading... it's just not as practical as we'd like.

PlayStation Lifestyle writes that to check the battery, all you need is the Vita's USB cable and a PC. The instructions are very straightforward: Plug it in, skip the Content Manager Assistant and bring up the Properties box for the handheld — once it is detected and available in "My Computer". You can access the Properties dialog by right-clicking on the PS Vita's icon or highlighting it and pressing Alt-Enter. This will also show you the Vita's firmware version.

While not the most portable way of going about things, it could come in handy for diagnosing a faulty battery or device, or seeing how much power a particular game or activity drains. Hopefully a more practical method will present itself in the future.

How To Check the Vita’s Battery Percentage With a PC [PlayStation Lifestyle]

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    Not portable!? bah! Just use a mini notebook and it will be portable :-P lol

    "all you need is a USB cable and a PC"

    You mean: all you need is the USB cable with the proprietary connector that came with your Vita, right?

    Not having a way to check the % of your battery does seem like an odd design choice. The little graphic in the top corner gives you a pretty accurate representation, but it would be nice if you tapped it and a dialog box would fly-out and tell you the percentage/approx time remaining. Sort of like the way the notification area opens when something is downloading.

      I've made the cable requirement more specific, thanks.

        I was more pointing out the silliness of proprietary cables :) But it does read better now :)

    When I'm out on the train doing some portable gaming, you better believe I wanna know EXACTLY when my battery is going to run out - not when it hits 25%
    Not sure how Sony made this oversight..

    I like having a precentage.

    This isn't a huge oversight though. They'll update it, it's not like 3DS where firmware updates are tricky, I expect PSVita to go through a fair few revisions of it's UI as time goes on.

      3DS firmware updates are tricky? news to me.

    Actually, I take back the bit about the graphic in the corner being accurate. I just checked my battery with this method and it says it has 80% charge yet the battery icon is full.

      "Master! There's an 80% chance your battery is full."

      It would seem Fi has taken another job.

    Wow that's beyond retarded Sony

    It's psychologically motivated. If Vita had battery percentage indicator then people would remark that it goes down an entire percentage point in minutes. Knowing where the battery level is it is something Sony doesn't want Vita owners doing.

    Funnily enough my battery ran out while playing uncharted, when i recharged I didn't lose anything and was back up and running. :D But a % indicator would be nice.

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