SeeThrough Studios Release Flatland: Fallen Angle

SeeThrough Studios Release Flatland: Fallen Angle

We’ve followed their journey from the very beginning and they documented the highs and lows of their project for us. Last night, the 96-hours that SeeThrough Studios had given themselves to make their game, Flatland: Fallen Angle, came to an end. Here is their game.

Two weeks ago, a small team of indie developers came together with one intention: to work like a professional studio, in each other’s presence, to make a game from beginning to end in 96-hours. SeeThrough had experienced failures in the past — a scattered team meant it was difficult to stay motivated, communicate a unified vision, and complete projects before everyone lost interest. In their latest approach, they decided they would work together, set a tight deadline, and see the project through to the end.

They also did one unusual thing: they set out to be as transparent as possible, sharing every insecurity, worry, challenge, and success with the world through their development blog and Kotaku Diary.

The result is Flatland: Fallen Angle — a dark game of polygons and triangles inspired by the 1884 novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott, Flatland.

The game is now available as a free download, named “The Curiosity Edition”, or you can pay what you want for “The Appreciation Edition” (which we strongly encourage you to do!). Both versions are available here.

We would like to congratulate SeeThrough Studios on completing this game and we encourage everyone to take it for a spin. Heck, consider making a donation!


  • I just finished playing through it, that was really fun. Took me a while to “get” how it worked, and that last level was rather frustrating, but still, worth it.

  • Not entirely on topic, but I just happened to watch the episode of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS where he uses Flatland to explain four-dimensional tesseracts last night!

    • I agree. Sorry Mr Narrator person, but I found your voice annoying.
      Oh and the cutting of the music when the level changed in the trailer was annoying.
      Look at me nitpicking silly things.
      Game looks good otherwise!

      • Thanks for your feedback, guys. The issue with the sound in the video was basically a lack of time – I completely agree that it needs a proper soundtrack! We’re looking at doing a better one shortly.

        As for the narrator, shortness of time was definitely a factor there as well. Add to that the fact that’s he’s an experienced stage actor, but has never done voice acting before. We’ll definitely be working on improving these aspects for our next game.

  • I kinda liked the narrator, but I do think the trailer could use a single continuous soundtrack. The switching of background music from each clip is distracting.

    Otherwise, this looks good, might check it out tonight

  • Hey, I thought everyone should know . . . these guys have just been ripped off by Paymate, who accepted a bunch of payments on their behalf, then cancelled their account and didn’t give them any of the money for their products (which are already sold now and in peoples’ hands).

    I’m pretty sure this kind of behaviour from a payment provider is illegal, if not downright immoral. I think everyone should boycott using paymate for ANY type of payment.

    Also, their twitter tag is @Paymate_ so give them a serve about stealing peoples’ money if you get a chance.

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