Simpsons! Simspons Arcade Here!—Oh, You Get The Idea ...

Konami has confirmed that the beloved beat-em-up The Simpsons Arcade is coming to consoles, and sooner than you expected. Not only does it get here, like, Friday (on Xbox Live), it'll be available free to PlayStation Plus subscribers when PSN gets it on Tuesday Feb. 7.

For those who don't get it free, The Simpsons Arcade will be 800 Microsoft points or $US9.99. It will include four-player online cooperative play and new content that includes the Japanese version of the game, plus visual art unlockables — similar to Konami's 2010 release of X-Men arcade.


    Finally! It's only been, what, 15 years or so since it's release?

    Of course we all know the greatest arcade games of all time have yet to be ported to consoles (officially):

    The Dungeons and Dragon's games - aaaaaw yeeeeeah

    Lol, nice pic. :D

      I would probably cry with joy if the D&D games were released. I have fond memories playing with my friends via som crappy MAME Rom. That and Knights of the Round. One can dream.... :p

    This game hasn't seen the light of day in like, 15 years right?

    Also, someone tell Owen Good to tell the story how it really happened.

    If it's anything like the TMNT arcade game, then it has probably aged terribly.

      It was made using the same "engine". Not that they called them engines back in the day.

        Damn straight! They called them "Tumblefuzzlers"! "Check out the Tumblefuzzler on that there new vidjagame!" we'd say to each other. Of course back then we didn't actually have videogames, so we had to imagine what the Tumblefuzzler would look like and then *snooooooooooooooooorrreee*

    I'm sure this classic won't die. It'll be awesome!

    It's be more than 15 years. I'd say closer to 20.

    Like Stevorooni, I suspect this might be a bit too clunky in this day and age. Hell, it was kind f clunky even on release, though plenty of fun for my 10 year old self nonetheless.

    Not really, but hours of fun were had with this game.

    I don't know guys, the last time I played the Simpsons Arcade game on an actual arcade machine (in a Bowling place) it still played as good as I remembered it. I just didn't have enough $2 coins to win!

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