Skeletor, Why Are Your Arms So Tiny?

From a very, very old advertisement for Mattel's 1984 He-Man video game, taken from a very, very old copy of an X-Men comic.

The He-Man video game [Four Colour Promises]


    Can't wait to call all my friends and tell them about this.

    what is this.. i don't even.... blah?!

    ....because he's part skeleton...
    Luke, you need to get out of there.
    I think having BAshcraft around is doing terrible things to you.

    Wait, I had an Intellivision and never owned this did I miss out on this...gah!

      Oh by the way his arms aren't tiny, it's just the odd perspective they are drawn at. They are pointing towards you (particularly the arm holding the sword).

      Oh! You're the other one who owned a Intellivision!

      Ahh the memories, such a shitty and at the same time awesome console :D
      Sliding in the plastic covers for the numbered keypad, raging at the swivel disc not responding >:(
      By far the Intellivision controller was the worst I've ever used.

        Yeah that controller was possibly the most unergonomic thing ever created, lol. Always got hand cramps after extended play sessions.

        Still, I'll never trade in my Intellivision years.

    Luke Plunkett, why are your posts so tiny?

    Perspective, and also because Skeletor, article fail.

    He'd find it very difficult to masturbate.

    Skeleton that is, Plunketts obviously got plenty of free time to do so.

      This made me laugh more than it should have

    Next time in "Luke's World of Super Important News" he tells shows us a repost from Reddit of a Snow Man made to look like a Goomba

    Skeletor is actually part T-Rex.

    I believe that the artist was trying to incporporate an element of perspective, that Mr Skeletor actually had his arms angled forward, as if he were reaching towards the hero, captain furry pants.
    - yours kindley, Buzz Killington

    I've still got this game for my intellivision, up in one of my cupboards. For some reason I've been able to move on and sell all my old consoles except for the Intellivision which was my first, a tad too sentimental perhaps.

    Didn't really do much to capture the essence of the cartoon IMO though. I was 6 when this came out and a huge Masters fan and it still didn't push the right buttons for me.

      Having said that though the music was memorable for the time...

    Sword.. shield... must go back to Skyrim.



    while we are at it

    He-Man simply reminds me of Mark.

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