Skullgirls Isn't Just A 2D Fighter, It Has A Story, Too

Skullgirls, Revenge Labs' downloadable game coming sometime soon ("early 2012" is the latest word) on PSN and Xbox Live, is a 2D fighter with a heavy multiplayer component. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a story explaining who its characters are, how they acquired their skills and powers, and just what the heck "Skullgirl" means, anyway.

That trailer above, which Revenge released on Friday, clues everyone in on the Skullgirls canon, then walks you through the main characters and the moves they'll use in gameplay. For more details, including the exclusive trophies PS3 users will get with the game, head on over to PlayStation Blog.

Dev Diary: Skullgirls is a Feature-Rich PSN Fighter [PlayStation Blog — h/t hazelnut1112]


    Wha no steam? :(

      There will be a Steam release, but not for awhile.

    After Mortal Kombat pretty much every fighting game after has their work cut out for them in terms of story.

    ...erm, I mean. No, I haven't played Mortal Kombat, that's banned in Australia.

      Oh good, guess I don't have to phone the classification board...

    Umm, guys? I think it says so pretty clearly in the trailer, but it could just be me, but I think is't called ReveRge labs...

      Reverge is the name of a game company assisting in the production of the game.

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