Skyrim's Official High Resolution Texture Pack Makes Your Dovahkiin Sexier Than Ever

Your Dragonborn might be able to tear massive dragons out of the heavens with the power of his voice, but does he have back pimples? He can now, as Bethesda releases the free official high resolution texture pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Yes, along with today's release of the Skyrim Creation Kit and an official Steam community for collecting and sharing player-created game content, Bethesda has also unleashed an official high resolution texture pack for the game, granting players with the proper processing power unparalleled beauty to go along with their award-winning RPG experience.

Between the tools and the texture pack I'm currently adding another 3.1GB of data to my Skyrim Steam install, so it's going to be a while before I see the effects first-hard. I'll just drool over these screens as my grand adventure gets busy prettifying itself.

Skyrim High Resolution Texture Pack [Steam]


    Textures can wait, I've got Summon Dagger and Open Lock spells to make.

    Ok, it's out. Now to install it and putz around while I wait for the inevitable Werebears mod.



    Oh hells yeah.
    Wait, what's the official word on the size of this thing? I'm hoping the highres textures take up most of the 3.1gb, since I wouldn't be able to run them anyway. The CK's what I want.

      85.5mb according to the steam download screen. It's in the tools section under "Creation Kit" - no skyrim/bethesda in the title. The textures are a seperate dlc pack.

    Doesn"t seem to make much differience either to performance of appearence, textures do look a little sharper from mid-distence but still pretty pixelated up close, proberlt thy textures on thr charcters looks most inproved.
    To be honest I never really had a problem with the original textures,not on Skrim, not for a 5 gig game.Rage at 23 gigabytes and still has blurry textures up close, now that I have a problem with.

    Apols for the noobish question, but, will this be available for PS3?

      Nope, The ps3 couldn't handle running the game on anything probably above LOW settings on the pc scale. No high res for us.

    surprisingly there arent any mods for those damn furries yet. not that that's a bad thing.

    The textures for this game were f**king awful, months too late.

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