Sleeping Dogs Screenshots Give Glimpses Of Open-World Hong Kong Chaos

First we had that crazy live-action trailer, complete with obligatory Asian crime movie kitchen fight. Now come screens from the game formerly known as True Crime Hong Kong, showing off chases on land and water and some combat besides. Sleeping Dogs is due out later this year


    Makes GTA5 look a little old-skool, I liked the original true crimes LA, and this looks like it may have inherited a little just cause 2 DNA from square-enix/avolanche.

      You know, TCLA and TCNY both in their time, looked better than GTA3 and VC. Better aiming system etc. In their time.

      However, dodgy animation, bad driving controls, bad fighting controls, lacklustre end product, meant that were *crap* beyond belief.

      Sorry but the True Crime legacy (and just because its no longer titled TRUE CRIME doesnt remove it from BEING of True Crime heritage) is not a good legacy to be a part of. The GTA games all have a polish to them not many other series can match. I'll wait and see what this really offers in term of actual in game video and gameplay before judging a few static shots.

        I played TCLA and the thing that struck me was that the city was bland, San Andreas' version of LA had distinctive districts with their own character.

        I remember places like Ganton, Idlewood, Mulholland, Playa Del Seville like I was there yesterday.

        As for True Crime - I couldn't tell you anything - just a lot of cookie-cutter buildings and bland streets of unvarying width.

    I'll get this one!

    Since when was Hong Kong not packed as hell?

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