Sony Boss: The PS Vita Must Have 'Great Games' That Are 'Unique And Specific'

Speaking to Industry Gamers, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has claimed that Sony has learned lessons from its handling of the PSP, and will focus on providing unique experiences that can only be delivered on via a handheld console.

"People want great games, something very unique and specific to a platform," claimed Yoshida. "And at the launch of PSP we were very excited about the large, beautiful screen, and a powerful processor that can handle graphics as good as PS2 games, but not much more. What PSP brought was the ability to play PS2-like games on the go, and that position was great for a couple years, but after new systems like PS3 or Xbox 360 came out, people got used to watching great graphics. So it's not enough."

I couldn't agree more with Yoshida, and I hope that Sony and third party publishers actually follow through with this. So far the touch screen implementations in the games I've played have been a little superfluous — I would never use the touch screen in place on analogue controls in Uncharted: Golden Abyss for example.

I'd love to see more games use the back touch screen for some sort of central mechanic. I continued to play my DS as a result of all the unique games specific to the DS platform, whereas I gave up on my PSP shortly after finishing Loco Roco.

I actually think the PS Vita has a pretty strong launch line-up, but I'm really hoping for something to come along a truly define what the handheld can do. Here's hoping.

PlayStation Vita: Sony Promises 'Not to Make Same Mistake' it Made with PSP [Industry Gamers]


    That gravity crisis game looks good :D

      Yeah, it's original and looks fantastic.

      I don't really like anime, but I want that on PS3.

      I believe you're talking about gravity rush?
      Looks excellent.

    Just like Nintendo, Sony needs to prove that those touch and other functions that the Vita has that "enhances" gameplay, Sony needs a breakout game that will be able to demonstrate not to the gaming masses but to third party developers that these controls are worthwhile putting into the game and then great innovative games will follow, not just from first party and select third party studios, but many other third party developers.

      Funnily enough, a funky updated version of Breakout that uses the rear touch pad might be exactly the sort of thing they are talking about.

    Sony need the studios to come up with unique and innovative ways to interact with the Vita.

    I got my Vita last week and I absolutely love it. Being able to play Uncharted, on a portable, anywhere and anytime is a sensational thing. Great stories, with great depth and intrigue is what I want and I almost liken it to having a PS3 in my hands. With Killzone and Call Of Duty on the way - this system is bound to sell.

    I really hope also that studios adapt this technology because there seems to be alot that cane be done with it. I loved unlocking a combination lock in Uncharted GA on the screen, phsically rotating the dial to the numbers i needed. Thats awesome...

    Generally I find touch controls to be useless, but they really help in Fifa for shooting.

    touch screen in Uncharted works a treat when climbing walls, its really quick to just highlight the route you want to take then off you go, sit back and watch him climb!

    This is the main issue with most hardware innovation. The technology comes first, but tends to have only limited and/or simple utility in gaming (at first glance anyway), as developers need to get familiar with the specs and opportunities offered by this new stuff.

    Well dont talk about it!!

    been playing since launch day- if this system has anything going for it, it is oodles of potential. Fingers crossed that upcoming games deliver on that.

    Silly Sony boss. It's spelled "gaems". Everyone knows this.

      No, I think you'll find on Sony platforms, it's actually spelled "nogaems".
      Someone high five me for my great call!
      Don't leave me hanging!
      High five!
      My arm is getting tired!

    Give me a new top notch square rpg like Crisis core, and I'm happy. In fact, just release Type-0 as a vita special edition and I'm preordering the thing. I love my vita so far.

    It seems like Okami would be an awesome game for the Vita. HD Re-release now!

      I would buy it again for Vita. Especially if they brought back the look of the original PS2 game that was kind of compromised on the Wii.

    Woot. I has Vita. Got a review coming up, buddies. Hope you'll like it. I still have 3 games coming in the mail and 4 on the wishlist.

    So impressed with the Vita. I really hope the awesome games keep coming, so much potential!

    Ah, so games like Dungeon Hunter Alliance?

    Thats like completely the wrong attitude to have. Better graphics dont make better games. Look at Last Story for example vs like FFXIII. Last Story is one of the best RPG's in years and its because of gameplay and story not how its HD textures crop up against each other

    how about: facebook, flash and javascript support. gta iv, mw3 and BF3. while we're at it how about a damn phone mr sony boss man?

      A phone? Why?
      I've heard they'll be bringing Skype to the device.

      This just upsets my brain

    I really hope to see more cross-platform PS3-Vita compatibility for competitive/CoOp gaming... the systems more than capable.

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