Sony Is Making A Twisted Metal Movie

Sony Is Making A Twisted Metal Movie

The co-director of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Brian Taylor, will be both writing and directing a Twisted Metal movie. It’s being produced by super nerds Avi and Ari Arad.

The movie’s setting will stick to that of the game’s, namely by being about a bunch of psychos who stick weapons on vehicles, and will feature stars like Sweet Tooth and Doll Face.

‘Ghost Rider’s Brian Taylor In 7-Figure Sony Deal To Write/Direct ‘Twisted Metal’ Movie [Deadline]


  • Directed by Brian Taylor, this is bound to blow… Just look at the movies he has released, I want my 90 minutes back after Gamer.

    • Yea I was thinking this as well. If they want to make this right, they need to shoot for instant cult hit.

      FIRST. Research whats come before. Death Race 2000, Duel, Vanishing Point and to a lesser extent, Deathproof and Death Race (21st century remake).

      SECOND. don’t use Hollywood cliches. Fuck likable sidekicks, painfully-obvious deaths, good-guy comebacks and happy endings. No one is safe. Make sure the audience feels this.

      THIRD. Have enough story to advance the characters through the film, but leave enough gaps to keep the nerds debating about what character X really meant when he said Y in scene Z.

      FORTH. Good, unknown actors trump has-been/shit ones. Don’t waste money on known names.

      Now go make a fucking classic Taylor and don’t fuck it up. =]

  • Does Twisted Metal actually have a story? Of all the IPs Sony could have chosen, this seems like a pretty bizarre one to try to develop into a movie.

    • It’s got a loose narrative, but there are already different ‘alternate universes’ amongst the games that have been released so far. The idea of a ‘wish-granting-Calypso’ hosting a tournament called ‘Twisted Metal’ is really the only two things that stay consistent throughout the games.

      Still, if you did it right you could make a kickass movie out of just that.

  • Everyone gets their hopes up, goes on about how it could be epic etc. It won’t be. Why? Because of the fact it won’t follow the core mechanics of the game. It’ll be too different. It will suck arse just like EVERY SINGLE game movie before it.

    • I know if I had a film production company and I could choose which game to adapt I’d much rather try for a Twisted Metal movie than jumping right into Bioshock.

      Twisted Metal is a lot simpler to make and a lot harder to screw up. 😛

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