Sony Removes The Vita’s Buggy Facebook App

Sony Removes The Vita’s Buggy Facebook App

Sony has removed the Facebook app for the PlayStation Vita, after receiving several complaints from users that the app crashed at its startup. If you’re not seeing the Facebook app in the store, this is why.

“We are currently looking into this to restore it to normal operational status,” Sony told Game Informer in a statement. “We will announce further details when ready.” That means no timeframe.

A community manager in Europe said the problem concerns “a Facebook specific issue (on their side) and we are working with them to resolve.”

Eurogamer reported that those using the app were given an error code at startup. Their only option was to close the app at that point.


    • sev·er·al/ˈsev(ə)rəl/

      1. More than two but not many: “the author of several books”; “Van Gogh was just one of several artists who gathered at Auvers”.
      2. Separate or respective: “their several responsibilities”.

      Sounds reasonable to use the word in this situation if you ask me. Perhaps they should have manually counted them just for you?

      Also, protip: The only ‘shit head’ in this situation seems to be the guy using cruise control for cool..

  • The app has never worked for me. The time to use it just to post the status update – posting this from my vita yeah boi!!!! – has long passed too 😉

  • The Facebook app (when it worked) was absolutely horrible. The Twitter one is so incredibly nice, why did they put such a crap effort into the Facebook one?

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