Sony Sells 1.2 Million PlayStation Vitas Worldwide

It only took four days of US and European sales for the PlayStation Vita to break one million. Sony has sold 1.2 milion Vita units, it said in a press release today.

The powerful handheld system first launched on December 17, 2011 in Japan, where it sold over 300,000 units during its first two days on the market. Sony released the device last week in the U.S. and Europe to some excellent reviews.

Sony's main competitor in handheld gaming, Nintendo, has sold 15 million 3DS units worldwide since it released its hands-free 3D portable in early 2011.


    This is great news.

    Inb4 Sony/Vita bashing commences.

      Apparently, it's only 100K behind the 3DS first week launch totals as well.

      Given all the negative DOA press, that's impressive.

      Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come, and the device will be supported.

    Yo hands free portable? Didn't realise the 3ds was voice controlled

      Yeah, i'm not sure what he means by that either... and I can't even think of what he was trying to say.

        I think it's meant to be "Glasses-free 3d portable"

    I read that header as 12 (twelve) million and almost fell off my seat!

      So did I, bah!

    Woohoo!! Go PS Vita!! I love mine :) Happy to hear its selling so well.

    This is great news!!! Hopefully it will be supported, and continue to sell well!

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