Sony US And UK Helping On The Last Guardian

Team Ico's highly anticipated game The Last Guardian has experienced its fair share of bumps recently, with the executive producer and project lead Fumito Ueda both leaving Sony. But this does not spell the end for the game.

Sony's development teams in the US and UK and teaming up with Team Ico to finish The Last Guardian.

Sony World Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said in an interview with Eurogamer that Sony Santa Monica — the studio behind God of War — is one of the studios helping out.

"We have great tech people in Worldwide Studios. We have a central tech group in the US and the UK so we are giving them whatever help they need," he said.

"Technically, we have the best engineers in the US and Europe, so these teams are helping them, giving advice."

According to Yoshida, progress is being made slowly but steadily.

"At one point the progress was great, so we talked about the timing of the launch in the past. But now it's making progress, but still not to the level — it's playable, but not to the point that we can talk about the timing of launch."

The Last Guardian was announced in 2009. The last game Team Ico made by the PlayStation 2 classic, Shadows of the Colossus.



    I wonder if I'll get to share watermelon with the monster with the identity crisis.

    On a serious note though, I really want to see this game push on, ICO has a very special place in me and for some reason SOTC always reminds me of that Reign Over Me movie damn you Adam Sandler.

      Yeah it was kind of lazy; instead of portraying his lonliness, isolation, vulrability and regret in the film through adam sandlers "acting" they just used SOTC as a giant metaphor for it. Its like the asteroid in melancholia, except adam sandler.

    I just wanted to tell you both, good luck, we're all counting on you.

    I been meaning to play SoTC and Ico, going to ozgameshop now.

    Cant wait for this game tho, and its great that SONY is pushing for it to be released, I also hope this becomes an success and is a great game.

    "With the executive producer __and__ project lead Fumito Ueda both leaving Sony". That "and" makes the sentence a little more readable.

    Fumito is still working for Sony on the game, so it's not a huge setback, although it does spell the end for any future team ico games.

    I'm still quietly confident the game will be a quality release, on par with the previous two games. If they need to call in different studios to help out with the technical difficulties, then so be it. Pooling that much knowledge and talent has to lead to good things.

      Have to correct myself. There's still ambiguity with that sentence. I'd write it as:
      "... with the executive producer leaving Sony, as well as project lead Fumito Ueda".

        I didnt think we were allowed to correct Australian staff writers, as I thought only the US ones make the mistakes??

          We're all human, even if the US staff show it more than most.

          But seriously, I think they all do a good job. I don't often point out grammatical errors, but that missing "and" was doing my head in. Thankfully, the article has been corrected in that regard. I can live with its current state of ambiguity.

    Reminds me of the end of gladiator. "who shall help me carry him?" cue hans zimmer. Everything is better with hans

    the image looks like a possible result of mark and tracey doing "it"

    I don't get it. I mean making games is hard, but I just don't understand why this game is having so much trouble... Is the premise and gameplay just too difficult to resolve? Is it Duke Nukem Forever?

    Perhaps this could end up as a PS4 title?
    Either way I can't wait to see the finished product

    The last game Team Ico made by the PlayStation 2 classic, Shadows of the Colossus.


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