Sony's Old Position On Touchscreen Gaming Is Incompatible With The PS Vita

It doesn't feel like 2005 was all that long ago... until you remember that the first iPhone didn't launch until 2007. In the many years since a former Sony executive could make an offhand remark about the Nintendo DS, touchscreens have taken over, and the tech is getting sharper every year. The future, it seems, can take anyone by surprise.


    Tocuhscreens were always a cool feature. The DS had a lot of gimmicky games, but it had a lot of games that really benefitted from the touch screen, like Layton and TWEWY.

    Nintendo aren't really innovating anymore though. No multitouch on the WiiU, a home console? Seriously?

      That's not really a lack of innovation though is it? It's just low spec hardware. You don't say the Wii lacked innovation because it couldn't paly DVDs, do you?

        And even if Wii U did have multi-touch, that wouldn't be an innovation because all your iDevices and smart phone/tablets have it now. What is an innovation is the way Nintendo will use the Wii U controller as some sort of mobile window for your console. Its one they've been working on since the GCN/GBA connectivity feature.

    I fear it's fair to say that perhaps there's a demographic of consumers that good games appeal to.

    See.. that's why he is the FORMER President of SCE :P

    A manufacturer was WRONG about the direction technology will take? THIS IS MADNESS. QUICK, WRITE AN ARTICLE.

    First of all, sony hasn't sacrificed tech power or functionality for it's more gimmicky control scheme.

    The PS Vita is the best-equipped handheld gaming console we have ever seen, powerful, dual analogue sticks, 3g, SIXAXIS, touch screen/pad, large (relatively) high definition screen.

    this is not the hypocrisy you are making it out to be.

      I don't know, adding touch features when once stating that touch features were a gimmick sounds pretty hypocritical to me. Not that it really matters; it's just that they were wrong at the time.

      And to the above comment; if you don't like it, don't read it.

        I agree. Times change and you have to change with it.
        "Customers do not want online games."
        Satoru Iwata

        Rumble was also 'last gen' and 'wont work with the sixaxis motion'

        Of course, motion controls are a useless gimmick. Not that they'd quickly throw tilt onto their controllers, nor make their own wiimotes.

      You are right. A Nintendo innovation is no longer a gimmick once Sony copies it.

        So true. Guaranteed the next version of the Vita will have 3D.

    Touchscreens have taken over, and are amazing, but are really not suited to games. I have yet to find a touch-based game that doesn't feel gimmicky, awkward, or both.

    To be fair, Phil Harrison is the jerk that ended lik-sang.... after importing a Japanese PSP himself through the site.

    Touch screens can compliment games, but can never be the primary method of control & input. There is also something very unsatisfying about pressing a virtual button on a screen when compared to pressing a button on a controller or clicking a mouse button.

    People are wrong all the time, every single person on this planet has been wrong at some point or another in their lives, some more than others.

    Why do people jump up and down, every time somebody says something inaccurate? It's fine to correct those that have been lead astray, but this kind of thing is like school on Saturday...



    Seven years is a long, long time in tech. Hell, Microsoft didn't really think the internet would be a big disruptive force to computing.

    Then we have the fact that the DS uses resistive touchscreen tech, which is fairly primitive compared to capacitive (used in almost every phone and in the Vita). Resistive works well with a stylus but not at all with fingers - the PSP would have been terrible if they'd added it in.

    I think the point is Sony think they are king shit innovators in the gaming hardware market ,when they are infact a bunch of useless tard's.

    I find this funny when the PSP performed so abysmally compared to the DS! I still love my PSP though - even if I'm only using it to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 at the moment which is reason enough!!!

    I find this funny when the PSP performed so abysmally compared to the DS... I still love my PSP though - even if I'm only using it to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 at the moment, which is reason enough!!!

    Oops excuse the double post. When I try to submit comments on iPhone most of the time it tells me that the comment failed, yet posts it anyway...

    This is just like quoting Bill Gates and his 640KB of memory claim.

      ^ what I was thinking

    What?!? Technology CHANGES?!? And as a consequence the scope of feasible projects for mass-market entertainment CHANGES?!?

    You've got to be joking!!! [/sarcasm]

    Seriously, there's no inconsistency. Technological feasibility changes over time.

    That said, Sony have made bad business decisions. But the simple point is that LOGICALLY speaking there is no necessary inconsistency.

    Well Phil Harrison isn't with Sony anymore, so it's not fair to say "Sony said that now they're saying this".

    but this is amusing to point out.
    Although honestly, I think the Vita's touch screens are less then that of the initial DS touchscreen's reputation, since they're basically just cashing in on the popularity of the iPhone and it's use of it.

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