Spend Valentine's Day Watching People You Don't Know Play Rock Band

Call me cynical, but I honestly believe that Valentine's day is this massive, global equivalent of kids pushing other kids together on the playground and chanting 'KISS KISS KISS'. It forces married couples to spend time together when they'd rather be watching Downton Abbey, and makes single people feel bad about themselves. I have to buy flowers today — FLOWERS. But how about you soothe that Valentine's pain by watching Harmonix play Rock Band live from the studio in this Harmonix Valentine's Day Livestream.

Watch live video from Harmonix on www.twitch.tv

Yeah, I'm not sure why this is happening either, but I'm a huge fan of Harmonix so I tuned in for a while. Maybe we can use this post as a chance to talk about Valentine's Day plans? You guys have any? I'm toiling — I'll have to have something ready for tonight when Mrs Serrels gets home.

Any ideas?


    Check out this weeks oglaf, sums up the first part of your post perfectly - obligation day haha

    My wife and I decided that our gifts to each other would be to agree to allow this day to glide by with a minimum of fuss and just a token nothing (a small choccie for me, a small bunch of flowers for her).

    I thought it was a good arrangement until Freeze announced he got a PSP from his wife.

    Make her a fettucine carbonara. A bit of the Italian never goes astray

    Yeap. My plans involve. Going home. Doing the dishes, which I can now do since the sink has been unblocked. Cleaning the house, since the folks are coming over tomorrow to help with the broken washing machine. And then picking up the misses from tafe at around 9pm. Having dinner. Going to sleep.
    Yeap, well and truly a romantic evening there.

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