Spoiler Alert: Mass Effect 'From Ashes' Gallery

Today saw the leak of a batch of screenshots pertaining to Mass Effect's day-one DLC "From Ashes", which caused so much of a fury when it inadvertently hit Xbox Live early, and its summary paragraph tossed out spoiler details pertaining to the story.

Here's a gallery of five Mass Effect: From Ashes screenshots, which is free for those who buy the game's collector's edition. The rest of us can pick it up for an as-yet specified price. While these images don't have captions, some might be able to deduce story shifts or characters' involvement based on them. However, some might be comfortable with what they reveal and interested in what's to come out of this heavily anticipated game. Enjoy.

Potential spoilers beyond this point!

[h/t Argh]


    shepard dies at the end of mass effect 3

      Attempted spoilerfag fails because of Mass Effect's whole 'Choice' dealio and Casey Hudson actually confirming he/she can survive.

        WTF! HE CAN SURVIVE!!!! thanks, you have ruined the game now!

      I've seen your posts in the last few mass effect posts and other articles and I'd just lie to say, you're not funny, you're not smart, you think you're a troll, but you're just getting annoying.

        (when's the edit function coming in?)
        by smart, I mean you're skills at quick wit are lacking.

    of course he can - EA don't plan to kill the cash cow anytime soon, though they are milking it hard.

    But that looks nothing like a prothean

      It's apparent at this point that the powers-that-be aren't interested in consistency or continuity with regards to lore. I think the best advice we can take is "Just go with it"...

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