Square Enix Is Not Remaking Final Fantasy X

Instead, as the company explained at the Taipei Game Show, Final Fantasy X is getting a HD remastering — like Metal Gear or Shadow of the Colossus — and not a full-on HD remake. [Gematsu via FF-Reunion]


    Well yeah

    in B4 'ashcroft die' 'omg one sentence'

    I'm still struggling with the confusion on this one. I thought HD port was a given since the announcement but there seems to be quite a few people convinced it was a proper remake. Vague statements from squeenix didn't help I guess.

    I assummed they would add more content like some extra boss battles... Hopefully they still do.

    I hope they add just a little bit more content... or better yet release the International version again!

      Yeah, I think this is what will happen. The 'HD Remaster' will be the remastered international version, that way, at least in NA, they'll be able to say "8 NEW BOSS BATTLES" meaning the Dark Aeons that didn't appear in the NA version of FFX.

    Gimme ff6 remake!!! (no typo)

      Are you one of those nostaliag-fucks that wants every game in the series to be like VI?

    can't wait for this!!! FFX shits all over FFXIII anf FFXII-2.

    Erm what's the difference Mr single-sentence Ashcroft?
    Do you mean they're just updating the graphics or the graphics and engine but not new content or what exactly?

    Was anyone even asking for a remake?

    What this means is that we now have two categories of HD revisions for games now, and we'd best type the right one whenever we mention them. What we thought we could safely call a remake is now reserved for games where some content is added or changed, and now must use 'remastered' for where a game's graphics are touched up only.

    I heard george lucas and steven speilberg will be involved in the remaster and every single weapon will be replaced with a moogle doll (no changes to lulu) and just before the horrendous laughing scene kimari will be heard screaming "noooo"... good times

    There's VERY good reason FFX won't get remade...


      www.spoonyexperiment.com for the guy's actual site!

    No....shit.....sherlock. I'm supposed to be shocked or something?

    HD remasters dont really impress me, unless god of war was a bad example to look at, ive been replaying ffx and would stick with it over the remaster

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