Squid Character Recreated With Real Squid

Squid Girl or Ika Musume as she's known in Japan is a popular Japanese manga and anime. The character is funny and cute.

This real-life Squid Girl recreation, while funny, sure as hell ain't cute — with her blue tentacles replaced with real tentacles. It's the Uncanny Valley of food characters. Or something.

イカめしめ作ったったwwwwwwwww [オタクニュース]

Top photo: 2ch/TV Tokyo


    As much as I loved this series I could of sworn I clicked on a gaming news website.

      That's where the "otaku" part of "kotaku" would come in.

        Actually, the otaku part just means, unhealthily obsessed with something (such as anime, guns, computer games, the occult, whatever). It's just social convention to commonly associate it with anime, manga or... you guessed it, video games.

        The "ko" part just means a diminutive form, such as "ko-neko" for "kitten".

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