Star Trek Video Game Beams Down In Early 2013

That shiny new Star Trek game based off of JJ Abrams' reboot of the sci-fi classic will be finally going into warp drive next year. Today it was announced that Namco Bandai — best known for Pac-Man, SoulCalibur and Tekken games — will be publishing the action/adventure game and that it'll be out in the first quarter of 2013, ahead of the expected release of Star Trek 2 film.

Developed by Digital Extremes, the cross-platform title will let players control Kirk and Spock with missions that showcase unique abilities for each. The game's original release window was to be this year and it's not clear if it got pushed back to better coincide with the also-delayed film or if the development of the game is taking longer than expected. Either way, you get to set phasers to stun in about 12 months.


    Movie tie-in game, I'll be careful around this...

    If it's is being published by Namco-Bandai it'll be scalped to high heaven for Australians. Assuming it's good, import away!

    Damn I thought the next Star Trek film was coming out THIS YEAR :(

    Great a star trek action/adventure....
    THe only reason i have ever liked star trek is because it great story and great writing(note that ive only watched TNG). It talked about relationships, politic, philosophy with a touch of comic relief. and looking at Namco-Bandai this gme is just gonna copy JJ abrams film story completely added with some fast paced battles. Its just gonna be another crappy movie game. Why waste your money developing one Namco-Bandai.

    I'd much rather play game as Captain Picard where you reasonably investigate conflict on planets with diametrically opposed political factions and are forced to make ethical and moral decisions that best resolve the conflict in line with the Federation's Prime Directive.

    ... Anyone?

      This feels like the perfect spot for a quote from Spock but I don't know any.


      Something something logic, captain.

      Am I doing it right..?


    Picard will always be the best star trek captain.

    That "new" star trek movie didnt even capture what star trek is. Too much photoshop lense flares and shitty plot.

    Wish they continued the movies after Nemesis :( not this new age star trek tripe.

    I actually do enjoy watching star trek, but fk me! less talk you babies.
    The prime directive makes it boring :|

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