Star Wars: The Old Republic Has Invaded Lego Land

We saw a lot of Lego sets at the New York Toy Fair on Sunday. Sadly, Minecraft Legos did not make an appearance, but we did get to play around with figures from Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lord of the Rings, and a whole bunch of superhero franchises.

Two Lego sets based on The Old Republic will be available for sale this August. There's the Sith Fury-Class Interceptor (above), retailing for $US90. And there's the Striker-class Starfighter (second pic above), retailing for $US45.

These may seem a bit pricey, but hey, at least they don't charge monthly.


    I don't understand why they would make a Fury-class, but not a Defender-class. Imperial bias much?

    Nevermind doing a Hammerhead class or any one of the other awesome ships, why just pick one.

    Before someone says "but look, theres a republic starfighter right there!", that model isn't even in the game, it appeared, once, in the comic, and was promptly obliterated. Why are they making that one?

      Oh boo hoo. Lego unveils some cool SWTOR stuff, and all you can say is "Waah they made the wrong stuff, Lego is biased towards Imperials!"

      I'm sure there will be more in time, have a little patience.

        There is a difference between saying that "I dont understand..." and "Oh my god lego are the worst i hate them".

        Hyperbole was yours, not mine.

        I just don't understand their decision.

      In other words...those aren't the blocks you're looking for

      Oh god I hate myself

      "Imperial bias much?"

      Well, that would go well with the vast majority of the playerbase being Imperial as well...

    I freakin' love how Lego still manages to be cool. After all these years, and at the ripe old age of 31, I still want pretty much everything here. Is it just me?

      No, it's not. They're awesome. I'll probably never buy any of them, but nonetheless, they ARE awesome.

    The Imperial one is great, they chose such an awful base for the Republic one
    Any player class ship would have been a better choice
    XS Freighter please

    Is that a new X-Wing model?

    these are not the gandalfs i was looking for

    I've had that Minotaurus game for years in Australia. Is it new to the US now??

    Personally I find it insanely unfair that all the new lego star wars stuff is so unbelievably cool and going to be wasted on this ungrateful "Han shoots second" generation. It is the WORST time for it to be this good. 10 years ago I didn't have a kid, had tons of spare cash (like the $130 needed for an x-wing anyway). Now I have all these "responsibilities" and stuff and no room to play with it all. Totally batshit unfair!

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