Steam Is Completely Shut Down; We've Pinged Valve For An Answer

Many of you have noticed Steam is down — your PC/Mac clients, the store, the URL and, everything. The official Steam Twitter feed said about 2.36pm EST (6.36am AEDT) that "We are investigating reported outages". We have asked Valve for a comment.


    Working now, but check out the user stats >

      wow 5mil down to almost 0 :/ for a good hour or so as well...

    Eh, games still work on properly registered machines. Still wonder what the deal is.

    Nothing to worry about, the data centre lost power for a little while then it had a few problems booting back up because 3million people trying to connect at once.

    Confirmed by a valve sources on steam forums and in chats.

      "data centre lost power" - "nothing to worry about" these do not go hand in hand.
      Someone is getting fired.

        People don't get sacked over outages, sometimes the shit really hits the fan even with the right level of maintenance and change control.

        Someone must have needed the outlet for their rock tumbler.

      Bit of a worry that it's all hosted in one data centre and not distributed across multiple for redundancy.

    anonymous has struck again.

      >implying those cretins would go after Valve

      I don't think Valve have done anything to raise the ire of the hactivist community, if anything they're probably fans.

    HL3 will be everywhere when it comes back online.

      And thus began a truly bizarre ARG whereby Valve wouldn't put Steam back online until people stopped trying to log in to Steam.

    About time the steam addicts had a break.

    The apocalypse has come!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooookk

    Honestly didn't notice..... was at work for the majority of the day and didn't login until I got home that night :D

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