Strike Down Star Wars: Battlefront III And It Becomes More Powerful

Strike Down Star Wars: Battlefront III And It Becomes More Powerful

How many times have we been excited then let down by rumours and cancellations of a third game in the Star Wars: Battlefront serires?

Let’s see. First we hear it was in development at Free Radical. Then it was shipped off to Rebellion. Then it was handed over to Slant Six Games. Then we heard it had been binned.

Then we got on with our lives.

Now, it seems as though the game might be back from the dead. Some job listings, tweets and resumes indicate that the cursed project might be on the books of Spark Unlimited, whose last major shooter was…Turning Point. Hrm.

The various scraps mention a sequel to a well-known sci-fi property that involves both shooting and sword-fighting. Which sounds a lot like Star Wars, though while everyone seems intent on willing that to mean it’s a Battlefront game, those things could just as easily apply to a new Jedi Knight title.

Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront III in Development at Spark Unlimited, Coming This Year [PSL]
Evidence for impending Star Wars: Battlefront 3 mounts [Eurogamer]


  • Would have been nice if the mod tools for Battlefield 3 had been released. A Battlefront mod in that engine would be awesome.

  • I’m actually a little worried about this. I mean, I really want another SW:BF to come out, but if it’s being thrown around a lot (and possibly ending up with an inappropriate dev team) I don’t have high hopes for the quality of it.

  • With the dissapointment of SWTOR it would be sure nice to see a new Jedi Knight title, not too fussed about battlefront.

  • i’m anxious yet really worried about this. As already mentioned, the game has been thrown around a lot, which could mean it may end up like DNF.

    But what i would love, and i mean give my first born child for, is a BF3 mod or Dice to take it and build it from scratch. 64 player space battle *drool*

  • SWBFII has the best Star Wars space combat I’ve ever played (note I’ve not played the X-Wing and TIE PC games) It just nailed the atmosphere so hard.

    Also, jumping on the dorky “comment about BF3” train: Where’s our Battlefield 1943? Destroyable environments was MADE for the Second World War.

  • A current-gen Star Wars game that isn’t TFU would be amazing. I want it soooo much. If it’s SWBF3 or another Jedi Knight would kill me with amazingness.

  • Jedi Knight would be great if they put some effort into it. The Force Unleashed was an okay concept for one game, but then they had to try and make a franchise out of it 😛
    With every year that passes it becomes harder and harder to say “I like Star Wars” without adding a ton of disclaimers and addendums to the statement in a panic.

  • I heard some weird rumour earlier in the year that Splash Damage was working on reviving a dorman Sci-Fi property and I took it to mean they might revive the Battlefront series – but given this now I’m curious jst what they are doing

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