Sure Looks Like Jet Set Radio's Headed To Xbox Live And PSN

The House of Sonic's dropped a vague but drip-filled teaser that strongly suggests that the beloved inline-skating, graffiti-tagging Jet Set Radio game will be hitting modern consoles soon.

The killer soundtrack and high-contrast, brightly coloured cartoon art style made developer Smilebit's Dreamcast game a hit, but Sega never reissued the game — even as they've rolled out other back-catalogue titles — despite much fan clamor and rumours a few years back.

Jet Set Radio's the kind of game people keep old game systems around for, and one hopes that new details — will this be both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future whether this is an HD re-master, how much of the soundtrack is coming back — about this re-release will be forthcoming soon.


    sounds good! Although I hope this makes its way to the 3DS & Vita too, its would be sweet on the Vita's sexy screen!

    It would be even better if this was preparation for a new JSR game.

      This. This times a million.

        This. This times a million.

    I lost my JSRF disc years ago, and never got the chance to play JSR. So I hope this is true. :D

    Systems? Plural? DC only from memory. Sequel was xbox only.

    Oh. My. God.

    "Jet Set Radio’s the kind of game people keep old game systems around for"

    This indeed. If the games got a new digital release I could finally put down my Xbox for good.

      I actually thought I was the only one...

    Yes yes YES!!!

    Hopefully it sells well and thu give us a new game!

    Being that it's Sega, I see it just being a HD version of the original Dreamcast version (Hell, it even says so in the trailer). A shame, because I always felt Future was the better game, but nice to see Sega doing something with this fantastic IP. Hopefully this sells well enough to get the idea of a new game rolling.


    Well I can stop shopping for a replacement Dreamcast on Ebay. Wait, no I wanted to play through the second part of Shenmue 2. Back to the shopping.

    graffiti-tagging will see it refused classification in Australia

      Much like Marc Ecko:

    Fuck yes!!! Hopefully make a new gen version. Will still be good playing the old ones remastered :(

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