Swedish, Sixteen And Stunning

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a Swedish "bishounen" (beautiful young boy) named "Yohio" will be making his debut in Japan this (northern) spring. Yohio currently plays for a Swedish visual kei band called "Seremedy", and he became interested in Japan after getting into anime as a kid. Some of his heroes are Japanese Visual Kei musicians, like Gackt.

Visual kei ("visual style") appeared in Japan in the 1980s and is marked by elaborate costumes and makeup.

While he might look like just a pretty face, the kid has talent. Check out Yohio shredding. His six-track "mini-debut" album drops Apr. 25.

スウェーデン人16歳のV系美少年YOHIO、4月に日本デビュー [Oricon]



      ^ I tried really hard too...even read it 2.5 times, and still, nothin'

    Bashcraft, I try to mock the haeters, tell them not to read it if it doesn't interest them and all that.

    You're not helping.

      *pats shoulder* Hey man, don't sweat it. Some people just don't want to be helped. Nothing you can do... Good effort, though...

      I only click on Bashcraft's articles for the comments anyway.

        Me too! haha! I love watching the Bashcraft haters do their thing.

    Article translation- "ladyboy sings a song"

    I want to punch this article in the face

    Ashcraft has now transferred his interests to 16 yr old boys?

    I don't agree with the assumption that "plays video games" = "must be a total weeaboo."

    That said, the musician in question certainly presents the kind of immensely-feminine appearance that J-Rock seems to love.

    this guy is an incredible musician both guitar and Piano. As for "lady boy sings a song', this guy is going a long way, if you haven't heard him play or the band you really have no business knocking him. Just another example of a closed minded loser.

    he and beautiful! I want one for me, wonderful voice, perfect guitar, the sound of it ta record does not come out of my head ... kkkk ... i from Brasil !!!

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