Take A Look At One Of Ghost Recon Future Soldier's Missions In This Trailer

Listen, I'm looking forward to the amped-up tech-of-tomorrow in the next Ghost Recon as much as anybody. But the upcoming instalment of the tactical action game is currently sporting one of the stupidest tag lines in recent memory: "Only the Dead Fight Fair."

Worse yet, Ubisoft gets a former Navy SEAL to utter it in this first promo video for Future Soldier. Glimpses of the optical came are offered along with environments and mission goals, too, but it all seems more laughable with that tagline running through your head.


    Ghost Recon 1 still my favourite. Especially the multiplaye. 4 players need to plan attacks and taking out enemy camps without optical camo or high lighting npcs. Also had to move slow because a breaking twig will set enemy alert levels. Probably to slow for the fast paced fps/3ps that sell a lot.

    Way to stuff your own opinion into an article. Actually I think the tag line is quite good, just the delivery is a little lacking.

    We do know that about Mack and other USA presenters though don't we?

    does anyone else thing these graphics look really dated and its not even released yet?


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