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    Morning all. Hope your weekends were better than mine! Though I did manage to topple the Dragon God, so it's not all bad :)

    Also, the moment you waited all weekend for, I'm sure: part five of The Tube, and as a special start-of-week surprise, there's even artwork!

      Hiya Shane,

      I managed to take out a Souls boss over the weekend too :D

      Also, I get a "Error establishing a database connection" message when trying to access that link.

        Stupid webhost. It goes down every now and again (that's what she said).

        Should be working now.

      Oh, I forgot to respond to your post in TAY on the weekend! Anyway, yay for another Boss down, and yay for more Tube!

    Hi all. How was your weekend and what are your plans for the week?

    I'll be applying for some jobs(wish me luck) and playing some Civilisation revolution on PS3.

      Good luck!

      Good luck! What kind of work are you applying for?

        I just finished my marketing degree at wollongong uni. I've been sending applications for graduate positions but at the moment I'm looking for any retail job to cover expenses and buy the occasional game.

    Greetings and salutations TAYbies, are we all looking forward to another week.
    Ouch, hey stop throwing things at me.
    All you had to say was no.
    Anywho, I see Mark is expecting a big TAY week, will we prove his Tag right? Will we reach 6000 comments?
    I think yes... and then some.

    So anyways, time for some game talk, well I finally got the master criminal achievement in SKYRIM! yesterday. I had so much diffixculty with this before, but yesterday I knocked it off in about 15 minutes and it was very easy. I have no idea why I had such problems with it before.

    So, this got me thinking, yes I know both painful and dangerous, what other achoevements/trophies you all may have encountered where at first you had so much trouble getting it, but then later managed to finish off easily?

      For me: Ass Revs. The one where you have to kill five guys in five seconds with the hidden blades. I tried for probably an hour, then ragequit and came back to it a few days later. Got it first try.

        That achievement was pretty much impossible unless you used a smokebomb to double assassinate, I found.

          Yes, true, but even then it took me about thirty tries! :P

            Yep, same here. Absolutely ridiculous, and using the smoke bomb didn't feel right anyway, considering the achievement was called LIGHTNING STRIKES. I'd imagined that would be like 'kill one guard and then go nuts on the other four in an epic killstreak', but no, have to use smoke bombs...ah well.

      inFamous and the 300 blast shards. Got 297 or 298 of them, tried for about an our or two each day for a week, ragequit. Cameback a month later, found the remaining ones in about 2 hours.

      I'm hoping it will happen is psychonauts

      Missing one figment in black velvetopia. The whole level is figment coloured and I spent ages looking for this one. Hopefully next time I jump in I find it straight away.

    Is it just me, or is the mobile Kotaku site not working? I'm stuck reading the start web version. :(

      Me too!

    Hello! Just letting you know I am basically having to give up reading TAY. It's far too busy and hard to follow these days. I'll see some you on TeamSpeak. Have a nice week!

      Not you too!

        Alas, 'tis so. We've also got to HoN it up this week.
        I wish I had a DotA2 key :(

          Yes! I am not working any weeknights (huzzah) so we should HoN. I'm assuming your username is the usual?

      With how work is going for me I barely have time to read this anymore either with how fast TAY goes. I'll try to stay but my commenting is drastically reduced :(

      TAY has definitely become a very unruly beast. I used to read every comment and frequently go back to previous pages in case I missed something but I barely have a chance to read half of TAY anymore and I'm also missing people's responses on previous pages which makes me sad.
      Obviously this is a beast we ourselves created, the more people who find out how awesome the people here are, the more awesome people there are to post stuff in here. We can't stop being awesome so I guess we just have to deal with the bloated TAY as best we can.

      I do have one concern though, and I hate to say it but I think Batguy's TABTOL may have unwittingly contributed to spamming as people try and change their number in the "leaderboard".

      It makes me sad when people say they can no longer keep up and will have to stay away, but I completely understand where they're coming from, keeping up is even becoming a struggle for me and I don't work so I can't even imagine how difficult it must be for people who work. Especially those who used to try and catch up after work. Catching up has definitely become an impossible task so I basically just skim through until the latest which is probably what a lot of people are doing which also leads to people feeling ignored. We're not ignoring you, awesome people, we just don't have the time to properly deal with the beast that TAY has become!

        Yeah I completely agree, just cuz I don't comment, doesn't mean I'm not reading all of your stories/adventures

        Once Ben weaves his magic and the format changes, or we get accounts and notifications, everything will be groovy again.
        Banksias burn before they bear seed. Let the fire flow through us so that we may flourish.

      I just breeze through and see what catches my eye. Sort of the way TAY goes these days, don't feel bad about it.

      Noooooo f4ctionsss :(

      actually I am struggling too

    Man, Saints Row the Third. Such a fun game. It's so silly and comedic, but it's not overly stupid and making you cringe. It's a great balance, like a funnier/sillier version of Vice City. I love it. Go play it! There's a guy that only speaks in an Auto-Tuned voice.

    Also, Twisted metal. It's just absolute chaos. But I love it. Unforntunately matchmaking isn't that great, but what I played in the offline was great fun. Also, none of the control schemes really stick with me, but in terms of responsiveness, they're tight and concise. Very much looking forward to the full game, which will have split screen, which always makes me happy.

      I couldn't really get into Twisted Metal to be honest, although the original games never really gelled with me either.

      The auto-tune guy was driving me insane in that game. It was funny for a few minutes, but after that I found his voice so grating I could hardly bear to do his missions.

      But other than that it's a pretty awesome game, yeah. :p

    Is it my impression or the TAY post numbers goes down? 2012 apocalyptic mode or something? (previously 151, now 146)

      It's apparently random. A few months ago, I thought it was a numeracy conspiracy related to the imminent end of the world, but it turned out to be untrue.

      ... or did it ...

      I have no idea why it does that, you'd think it would just go up...
      It must be magic.

    Finished Heavy Rain over the weekend, got rip roaring drunk(Splicer, Tequila is not your friend mmmkay?), watched a shedload of movies and didn't move off the couch yesterday with my self inflicted inebration aftermath.
    How was everyone elses weekend?

      Fairly quiet weekend, no alcohol for me this week - the downside of being a P plater who needs to drive all the time!

      What was your Heavy Rain ending like? Good, bad, any deaths? Satisfied with it?

        I got Jayden killed, other than that, everyone survived except the Origami Killer. Replaying it through agin for the trophies and different endings.

          I got only the Origami killer dead and Jayden fired.

          Then I redid it and got both the Origami Killer and Jayden dead.

      Yes that is true, did you night go something like this

        Sadly, yes.

    Morning all,

    Hope everyone had a grand weekend.

    A followup on the pizza stuff that I mentioned over the weekend:
    Made two with more serious topping layout (inc. the one Strange recommended - it was delicious, thanks Strange!) and also an extra one. In the attempt to dodge the more-than-one-url-means-you-might-be-spammer thing, I'll post the after shot as a reply.

    Faux Smiley-Part1 fled,
    Smile and the world smiles with you, fart and you stand alone

      It looks a little sadder after cooking.

      Faux Smiley-Part2 fled,
      Smile and the world smiles with you, fart and you stand alone

        I love the way that the cheese has melted out to form ears.

        It looks cool but how was it to eat, seems a little clumped of toppings

      I'm glad you liked the toppings I spoke about, I was a bit worried they wouldn't like up to my description!

      Also, I like your extra pizza, I should do something like that for my son.

        Noticed I put "like" instead of "live" just as I was pressing the Submit button. Grr.

    Mornin' TAY!

    I start this week with a vow that I'll be on TAY more than I was last week. Still disappointed I wasn't a major contributor towards the epic post count...

    Also, finally getting back into the swing of things with Skyrim, but I still suck at sticking to a class. Might just have to finish the main story with my barbarian-from-the-future (glass armour) and then go class switching for huge success.

    Superbowl is on in forty minutes. Go Patriots!

      Taping it and plan on watching it today after work.

      Chance of this happening without knowing the result beforehand...*sigh*

      Giants all the way, I saw the skyrim prediction

    A conundrum.
    Ozgameshop says ME3 will ship on the 9th.
    Do I gamble on their new shipping speed, hope it will arrive within the week and take the week after off?
    To those who have bought stuff from them lately, how long did the shipping take?

      Recently bought Heavy Rain(see above), it took about a week to get to me(I'm in Melbourne).

      Well i ordered 2 groups of items in the space of a week. One item from the first group still hasn't arrived the others took 2 and a half weeks and the scond group took a week so go figure. I'd say its still tempremental at best but at that price i'd take a gamble.

      Or you could just buy it from an IRL seller and get it that day :p

    I feel kind of disappointed. Spent 3+ hours downloading DoW II Retribution but when I started playing, I felt it very barebones and not very engaging. Boring voices as well...

    I guess I had great memories of the old DoW with bigger armies, buildings exploding and chaos everywhere. This one felt like a tower defense game with an extra layer of freedom. And I'm pretty sick of TD games, I want proper RTS ones (aside Starcraft 2 I mean). Passing on the THQ offer...

      The DoW2 series went down the more tactical path IMHO. Some people will like it, some will hate it. If there's one RTS I want to see come back stronger than ever is Supreme Commander, not with the crappy Supreme Commander 2 style but with the original style. It was impossible for me to balance my economy, let alone my army, yet I still went back to it to try and do it better. and the battles... they are so glorious!

    Yesterday my housemate finally came home (she went to Taiwan or something like that, I should probably know this) and declared that she shall now be living there on Mondays and Tuesdays... starting next week.

    Apparently she wants to actually get some value out of the rent money she pays. Seeing as being there two out of seven days is a dramatic increase (normally she just stops by to do laundry before going back to her boyfriend's place).

    Still, I told her that she isn't getting a discount on her rent for that :p

      Damn straight, she pay! full rent!

        Hopefully she can be convinced that it's better than her boyfriend's studio apartment in the city. That way, when the lease is up, they will decide to stay here.

        The rent then gets split four ways instead of three and I don't have to search for a new housemate! Huzzah!

        Although if she does move out, I could claim the master bedroom for my own...

          I have a conundrum, One of my good friends from high school is throwing a 21st party at his house in a few weeks, he invited me. Now i really like this person, we were very close but when he went of to uni we drifted as far apart as one gets like i haven't spoken to him in like 2 years. But nevertheless alot of friends that i still keep in contact with are going and have urged me to go. on one hand i would really like to go, on the other i really don't know what he is like anymore or what i would say? What do guys?

            not meant to be posted here, but i suppose bunnys flatmates won't care if i take over his comment!


            What's the worst that could happen? Calamity? Not a problem, enough of us have finished Bastion to walk you through that.

            At worst you will know for sure if he is still someone you want to be friends with.

          ...Obey your MASTER!
          Master of Bedrooms, I'm tucking you iiiiinn!!
          Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

    You'll never guess what happened to me this weekend, it might of happeneed to you as well. I'm a self hating cod player, i cant put it down. I dont know why, anyway moving on. They took away drop zone from the community playlist, now i'm sad. I dusted off battlefield 3 last night and i'm back with the good people. Why oh why did they do this to me, serious problems.

      Nothing wrong with CoD, as long as you enjoy the game you can play what you please. Nobody will judge you here*.

      *as long as you don't insult BBQ Shapes

    Morning all \o/ Virus is up early considering he could not get to sleep before 4am D=

      I'm having a related issue where I'm waking up early, often before my alarm goes off, then go back to sleep, missing my alarm and then ending up being late.

      It's a weird situation where my lateness is caused by waking up too early. I'm thinking the solution is probably going to have to involve leeches.

        I've had this problem before, on a few TAFE days. I was lucky my lift was ALWAYS late, like class started at 9am, they wouldn't get here till 9.10, pissed me off but it worked to my advantage some days.

      Why is that?
      Also, where's Batguy with TABTOL?

        probably doing that job thing.

          How selfish!

        I have problems getting to sleep most nights, not sure why :(

          Get a DS, trust me, it'll help.

            Not sure if this would help my problem or fix it xD

              Play a text heavy game. One that requires a lot of reading but isn't so interesting that you stay awake.

                Actually, the common consensus on this whole thing seems to be to avoid looking at bright screens before sleeping.

                Reading almost always comes up. I also just watch random TV shows that I've seen a million times and face away from the TV.

                Then again, advice from a former insomniac might not hold much weight :p

                  Well I find the DS always puts me to sleep. You can put it on the lowest setting (which I do anyway because it saves battery power) and play something like animal crossing

    Morning all,

    Had an ok weekend. I kinda broke my wii, My gamecube controller that was plugged into my wii was overheating (the cord was very hot too touch). So I turned off the wii, went to the shops, bought a new controller and gave it a couple of hours. When I tried to unplug the old gamecube controller from the wii I hit a little snag. The insides of the gamecube plug had melted into the player 1 port of the wii. So now I can't play gamecube games on my wii.


    Also I won some games in LoL


      The insides of the gamecube plug had melted into the player 1 port of the wii. So now I can’t play gamecube games on my wii.

      Maybe you should have removed the controller when it was still hot. At the very least you could have had that melted cheese effect and taken a nifty picture for the interwebs.

      Now you've just got a Wii with a block GCN port.

        I skim read your post at first i.e. all I read was melted cheese effect. I thought you were suggesting I put the controller port on a sandwich.

          I need to write more comments that can be misinterpreted this way when skimming.

      On behalf of Qumulys, may I suggest you try putting it in the oven?

    Ahahahahaha, I just remembered sucks to be my mate starting TAFE today, he couldn't get into Diploma of IT & had to settle for Diploma of Multimedia at first until there is spots, I bet he has to put up with the teacher that we can't stand today as well XD

      That's not very funny, unless your friend is a major dick.

        He finds it hilarious when I get capped (he has unlimited ADSL2+) so I think it is fair =D!

        Plus I thought that teacher was alright, just I didn't personally like how he taught.

          Hmmm, but does being capped due to your own internet usage equate to being forced to do a course you don't want to, through no fault of your own? :P

            Shhh, me & him are dicks to each other often, we mean no harm by it to either, it's all just good fun. Though it is unfair he has to do Multimedia instead of General IT, since him & 2 other mates handed in their applications BEFORE the cut off date and him & another mates applications were lost but the 3rd mates was not. They were all handed to the same person at admin, and now the class is full & they have to wait until people leave.

            Also Strange, I hope you see this I have tried 4 or 5 times to get your attention in TAY over the past few days regarding Soundwave & where you can most likely pick up a ticket for about cost of one from the vendors, Gumtree! I spotted a few on there the other day! I tried tweeting you but the twitters won't let me :(

    Bigpond why you give me 500 internal server error when I go to login?

    I have a conundrum, One of my good friends from high school is throwing a 21st party at his house in a few weeks, he invited me. Now i really like this person, we were very close but when he went of to uni we drifted as far apart as one gets like i haven’t spoken to him in like 2 years. But nevertheless alot of friends that i still keep in contact with are going and have urged me to go. on one hand i would really like to go, on the other i really don’t know what he is like anymore or what i would say? What do guys?

      Go, but highlight from the start that you might be called away for [x] reason. That way if it sucks, you pretend to get a call, and hightail it out!

        Ohmygod THIS.

        You would not believe how much friendlier and more talkative people become when they believe you're only going to be there for a short time.

        NB: This also works well when talking to people in clubs, (possibly socially awkward TAYbies).

      Just go, i had a friend that I hadn't spoken to in about 2 years as well and we instantly got to chatting and it was like the good old days.

      If the human wants you to come, why not? You could get some great catch up time :)

      You don't know what he's like now?
      Sounds like that party is a good chance to find out :)

      Damn it you guys why are you all urging me to be social, Nevertheless i was positive you guys would tell me to go, i guess it can't be all bad i mean there is beer there and stuff, if all fails i will just vomit on someone!

        I have a mate who I was really good friends with all through infants/primary school, then we went to different high schools and saw each other less. Then we fell in with different crowds (he got hooked on meth, I got hooked on nerdaphernalia).
        Anyway... These days I see him once every five years or so. We're not close friends like we used to be, but we always have a barrel of laughs and just kick off chatting like we saw each other a week ago. He's pretty charismatic though, so I suppose that helps.

          Thanks Flu, you are always so helpful, also other people you guys helped to. Yeah we only really fell out because of the space difference really, still just as much my fault for not trying to catch up.

      Definitely go man, even if it sucks at least you still have your friends that you still keep in contact are there.

      You should totally go. What's the downside? Might be a bit awkward with the guy you haven't spoken to for a while, but there are other friends going, so it should work out fine.

    Hey Melbourne Taybies - I'm flying down there tomorrow, what's the weather like atm? Should I bring a warm jacket?

      23 degrees, chance of showers but mostly dry. ALWAYS bring a jacket to Melbourne.

      Also, why you no Melbourne meat?

        believe me I would if I could! Work is sending me down for a conference, flying in at 8 in the morning and flying out in the evening. It's going to be a loooong day.

          So can't even come for a lunch or something? I'll be in the CBD and I'd love to meet you miss Harli :'(

            Just checked the location - I'll be near some place called Southbank? I do believe I do get a 1.5 hr lunch break in between. Not sure if my boss will let me wander around though!

              That's actually pretty close for me, I'm near the queen st/flinders lane intersection. Where exactly in Southbank is it?

              Southbank is in the middle of the city, the main waterfront restaurant strip with the casino and conference centres about.
              Very central if CDB taybies wanted to meet for lunch but work out what you boss has planned. If they are buying you lunch at an expensive place you might as well enjoy the good food (and if they are paying that there will be an expectation that you attend)

                It's at the Melbourne Exhibition centre - South Wharf, my apologies. I think I should play it safe and assume I need to stick around. Fear not Techy - I do have plans to head to Melbourne for holiday purposes sometime this year and would love to meet you guys :)

      Yes, then no, then yes again. Then bring a scarf, then a hat, then an umbrella.

      You are?! well it's pretty comfortable but I think a jacket would be good just in case. It's going to be around the mid 20s tomorrow

      Best play it safe, full arctic explorer gear and a dog sled.

      You never know with Melbourne weather.

      Dress in layers. T-shirt, light jumper, heavy jumper, light jacket, eskimo gear, and bring thermals just in case!

      Thanks for the help guys. I've now got 2 pairs of thermals, a parka, an arctic-grade sleeping bag, a cardboard sled and four Siberian huskies ready to go. Should be ok.

    Dear TAY,

    We sure haven't done much multi games in a while. We should probably work on that.




      Can'd Meat 3.0, you say? And you'll organise it? I'm in!

      Tonight you me other people multiplayer games that aren't made by valve because you are awesome at them. Be there

      Killing floor FTW

    One of you guys aren't talking to Leon Delaney in the radio at the moment are you?

      Who is Leon Delaney and why do you think he's possessed me for use in a radio ventriloquism act?

        He is John Laws replacement on the radio and someone rang him up and started talking R18 ratings, League of Legends and esports.

          And how did it go?

          I can't imagine talkback radio is the sort of place where there are going to be many people that are interested in that sort of thing. Hell, I'd be shocked if most people held an actual opinion on the matter.

          Amusingly, I'm working on a blog post about spectating esports.

            He was surprisingly agreeable to the R18 but incredibly derisive of esports.

              I hate the term "eSports" because it makes it seem like competitive gaming is simply trying to replicate sports instead of focus on what makes them interesting. Still, I'm quite a fan of the whole scene.

              After all, I watch countless hours of SC2 every week. And League of Legends. And the occasional Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom.

              And just last night I watched two people race each other while speedrunning Mario 64.

                Hmm, an interesting point as I had never thought of it that way. I didn't really see it that way - more like the term "eSports" insinuates that competitive gaming deserves as much attention that regular physical sporting leagues do.

                  Unfortunately "sports" has been considered a physical term for a long while now. It isn't but the fact that you have to make the argument that it isn't distracts from making the positive argument about why competitive gaming is worth paying attention to.

                  Competitive gaming seems like a reasonably useful term because it puts the important part right in the name. "Competitive". You're there to see people go head to head in whatever arena they choose and the fun comes from seeing how one side will prove themselves to be the victor.

                  Also, I just don't like chucking an e to the start of something. Email gets a free pass but everything else always seems rather clunky

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