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    Can’d Meat 2: Can’d Meat With A Vegetable
    Write-up covering the period from 3:25pm – 5:10pm Saturday

    I’d promised to arrive at about three, but was destined to be slightly remiss in this, as the abode of Blaghman sailed into view not earlier than twenty-five minutes past this deadline. Still, the folks of Kotaku are nothing if not classy and forgiving, so not one mention of this tardiness was made. Maybe the barbecue Shapes I bore upon my person afforded me some light lenience.

    Aware that I couldn’t stay long, I opted not to sit in the car and have my usual ten minute pre-social situation panic attack before peeling off in a roar of burning rubber and self-loathing. I went straight to the front door, and – finding it unlocked – did what any random stranger from the internet would do: I walked straight in.

    Folks were congregated in the kitchen – the games consoles over in the living room were sitting by themselves, neglected for the moment. As I entered there was a moment in which everyone turned and looked at me. Apparently my face is known to these people, even those whom I have not met. By some evil wizardry or foul devilry, no doubt.

    The atmosphere was relatively relaxed, and the conversation flow relatively uninterrupted. I grabbed a spot against a wall on the periphery and listened... realising only too late that I’d forgotten to introduce myself to those folks I had not yet met, and too much time had passed for me to start putting my hand out for handshakes. So I pieced it together from conversation (or, embarrassingly, in the case of a couple of you, didn’t quite manage to do so).

    It was pretty obvious that two of the folks were Pixel and Rize as they obviously knew each other quite well. It took a little longer to determine for certain which was which, but not by much. Looking at Pixel was like looking into a mirror, only into an alternate universe where I am a bit younger and a lot handsomer. Looking at Rize was not quite like this, because we look nothing alike.

    In stark contrast to the lethargic lazing of the rest of the folks, the blur in the business section of the kitchen was Bish, hard at work preparing the world’s largest manwich. I could feel my arteries hardening just looking at it, but it looked pretty darn tasty. Not too long afterwards, Bish took a seat, and I remarked (to myself) that I had never actually seen him stationary. I worried for a moment that he might spontaneously combust, but was pleased to learn that this was not the case.

    I learned something else about Bish too: he is a brand new uncle. He is also a much better uncle than my brother, who has never even changed a nappy, let alone cleaned out a poopy bathtub... but then, from Bish, we’d expect nothing less than the very definition of helpful. Congratulations, Bish!

    I noticed presently that everyone except me had a beer in their hand. While this was not quite a tragedy, and again was something that the classy people decided not to draw attention to, I felt somewhat better when a very nice someone (sorry, I’m going to take a wild guess: NovaCascade, was it you?) pointed out quietly that I was not the only one drinking apple juice, and held up his own glass.

    After discussing the pros and cons of telling our loved ones the truth about meeting randoms off the internet that we ‘play games with,’ the group migrated to the games consoles and fired up Little Big Planet 2. After a few minutes, I took over one of the controllers, and realised that I should probably never play multiplayer games.

    After having a bit of fun hurling my companions into various fatal obstacles, or occasionally into enemies... or even more occasionally inadvertently chucking them in the right direction (apologies especially to Freyr and Bish, who copped the brunt of my SackBoy wrath), I would typically race ahead to complete the level and dominate the scoreboard. I think the group deemed this behaviour largely helpful, which was a rather fortunate interpretation.

    Alas, all too soon, it was time to go. I had promised the wife I’d take care of dinner, and it had been hard enough to tear myself away from her pregnant self and hyperactive two year old even for a couple of hours. (As an aside, nesting is a totally evil concept, and a particular dark spot for my sanity and my wallet; I firmly believe that its purpose is to make husbands feel relieved when their babies finally arrive, even if the babies spew and shit everywhere and only sleep for ten minutes a week)

    I recalled almost too late that I’d brought the Night Angel trilogy with me to give away. (I’d tried to get into it, but unfortunately, it was on my reading list directly after A Song of Ice and Fire and Lord of the Rings, both examples of vastly superior fantasy... and I just couldn’t even bring myself to struggle into it.) Rather stupidly, I said that the first person to say they wanted it would get it, and then had to stand there like an idiot when about eight people shouted out ‘yes!’ simultaneously. Thankfully, the group consensus was that Anonymous Pessimist had edged everyone else out, and he became the proud owner of the trilogy.

    Then I hauled out some copies of my book which had dropped onto my doorstep that morning. I was tremendously embarrassed to have forgotten to bring a pen to sign the books, but Blaghman generously lent me a purple pencil, which somehow generated a great deal of enthusiasm. If it were me, I’d feel ripped off, but TAYfolk are awesome. Think I might have mentioned that already.

    Pez asked me to sign his books as ‘Alfonse W Smith’, which I did despite the fact that I had probably just pushed the value of the book into negative dollars.

    When I got home, I realised that not only were those books the only books I think I’ll ever sign in purple pencil, but the lucky folks who bought Book 2 from me get a ULTRA-RARE spine typo edition. Check your spines people – only about a dozen of these mistakes exist in the entire world, and might be worth thousands one day! I told my publisher, and his response was ‘SHIT. I’ll fix it now.’ True story.

    Seriously, though, if you want a ‘correct’ version, just let me know and I’ll get one out to you when it’s all fixed up.

    I ran out of books, but Freyr gave me money for them anyway because she is awesome. (@Freyr, please email me shane AT shanewsmith DOT com and I’ll send out the books ASAP. Please also indicate how you want the books signed, and whether you want the ultra-rare spine typo edition or the regular soon-to-be-released correct edition of Book 2!)

    Then I had to go. It was sad. I’d had fun, and wanted to stay longer than ninety minutes. It was great to meet/see you all, and I feel particularly bad about leaving without finding out some of your names, despite having sat in conversation with you. Deepest apologises.

    TL;DR: I had fun, Bish is an uncle, I owe Freyr two of my books, TAY people are classy, my book has a misprint, I signed autographs in purple pencil

    TL;DR TL;DR: Shane is a total derp.


      What a start, man. This bodes well for the week to come. :P

      That was indeed me Shane. Here's to the juice drinkers of the world.

      *Flicks hair*
      Younger and handsomer self hey?
      while i do have at least 2 hours dedicated to admiring myself in the mirror everyday, i do believe that's gross exaggeration... or Artistic freedom... whichever...

      also you do have one thing up on me when it comes to physical attributes... you're fething TALL!... or maybe i should stop sitting down so much... but i seem to recall you being quite tall

        I tried to stoop so you wouldn't feel bad! :P

      He called me "classy".


      Seriously though, it was a shame you couldn't stick around longer, but good to meet you all the same :)

        Well, there's class, and then there's class. You're one of those :)

      Sounds like fun. I really hope I can make it to another one of these meets soon. I feel bummed to have missed out on the last couple.

      Can'd Meat: A Geelong perspective
      Left for flight to Canberra at 7am
      Arrived at 10:40am, went to visit family.
      Played darts and pool. I am much better at the virtual versions of each sport. Early morning drinking begins!
      Got a twitter message from Bish asking where I was at around 3pm (IIRC).
      Stopped for Cider on the way. No Rekorderlig, Bulmers will do fine!
      Arrived and instantly recognized Bish, Blaghs, Freyr and Shane (arriving a few minutes after myself).
      Played games, tried hot sauces (not that hot?). Freyr dragged me to my death countless times in LBP and was seemingly super-strong as I couldn't struggle my way out.
      Lamented lack of LoL.
      Played more games, including Singstar ABBA and Queen. I am the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury, it seems.
      Had chowder and delicious dinner thanks to Bish (master chef!).
      More drinking and stuff.

      In the end I had to leave without saying goodbye to Freyr (sorry Freyr!) as my lift home was leaving and really would have left without me. Such a long drive, after leaving at about 11am I got home at around 7:45pm.

      /all Worth it!

      Sounds like an awesome time and excellent write up Shane :D

      The enthusiasm over the purple pencil made me lol


    In other news, this boardwalk empire show. I've heard it's good, and JB is selling the blu ray for $27. I'm kinda tempted to pick it up. What's the show about, and what are similar shows that if I like them, I'll like Boardwalk Empire?

      It's about prohibition and bootlegging in the turn of the 20th century. It's hard to compare, really. I guess it's like Mad Men in the sense that it's a quality, period drama -- but not at all similar otherwise. Worth watching, though. I can vouch for that.

      Can'd Meat 2

      It was pretty cool.
      I ate a lot.

      TL;DR, pretty cool, lotsa eats

        Just for you, Notoriousaur.

          BISH! Why are you doing this to me! I'm drowning in meat write ups!

        Also I have video of people dancing (enthusiastically, BLAGHS) to Queen and ABBA. Will upload at some point tonight/tomorrow morning!

      It is a brilliant show. One of my favourites.

      I would compare it with Sopranos but it's better than that. Yeah, similar quality to Mad Men.

        After thinking about it some more, I'd say it can probably be compared more to Scorcese crime thrillers rather than conventional TV. It's no coincidence, either. He directed the pilot and is an executive producer. (Though Mark "Marky Mark" Walhberg is too, for full disclosure. :P)

    I'm going to repost my very bad write up from the Meat, because I doubt most people saw it at 9:30 last night

    Holy Mother of…

    I raise my glasses to you TAYbies, you have done an outstanding job of going absolutely mental this weekend. What worries me is how bad it might have got if people like myself, Blaghs, Bish, Rize etc were around to post more. 6000? 7000? Actually I should stop typing for fear of someone saying CHALLENGE ACCEPTED…. Now I’m just tempting fate.

    Meat was a fantastic time. I believe Bish may be doing a proper write up over the next few days but here’s a few things that went down.

    - Bish almost died. Pez gave him some chilli sauce that is apparently 900x hotter than a jalapeno. It has a warning that says “do not use undiluted” which was conveniently ignored. Bish put some on a cherry tomato and spent the next hour and a half basically catatonic.

    - F4ction, Freyr and Blaghman were, I believe, equal champions of SingStar ABBA and Queen. And after having our backsides handed to us on every song, Di11enger and I faced off for the title of worst singer. Di11enger won… or lost depending on your perspective.

    - Major trolling was going on in Little Big Planet 2. Word of warning, don’t let Freyr near the boxes when people are trying to climb things. And don’t let anyone get a grappling hook.


    Everything else has been mushed into a pile of hilarity and outrageousness that I have yet to decipher. In short, an epic weekend. Major thanks to Blaghs for opening his house to us, and to Pez for driving Freyr, Bish and myself from Sydney.

    PS Don’t ever get between Bish and Freyr and their McDonalds. I have the scars to prove it

      Hearing how fun that meet was maks my crappy weekend spent at work seem evern crapyer. Soooooooooo jelly.

    I just discovered there is Snow weather effects in minecraft now! It's nowhere near as irritating as the rain effects.

    Also, doese anyone know why I can connect to my server locally but not via the internet? I've got the port forwarded but it seems to be unable to find a server at my ip address

      yup indeed it has snow, i think it was added the same time as the Snow Biome, which was 1.0 if memory is correct...
      it does look pretty great...

      make sure you don't have any firewalls on either the router or Windows blocking it, that seems to be the main thing... i had an issue not being able to connect to myself with either "localhost" or my IP, however using the loopback ( worked flawlessly, so maybe try that

        hmm, that's weird.
        Minecraft detects the server no problem with 'local hoast' or on loopbak ip but both my local ip and my pubic one still don't seem to work.

          is this from a second computer in the same network or from the outside? i know outside is a pain in arse to get working, best way i've found is using Hamachi to create a vpn between the individuals whom wish to use said server, otherwise it's just too much hassle to be funny....

          if it's on the same network, sounds as though something is preventing you from connecting to each other, i'd check all firewall settings etc, especially if you're on windows 7 check that homegroups are disabled and firewall is off, cause that thing is strict....

            I'm just testing it on my main desktop at home right now (which is also running the server) but trying to get it so Pyrean can log into it from his place and/or work.

            I strongly suspect it has something to do with windows fire wall. I can't seem to find it in the list to add an exception for though. My computer noledge is very poor, I just have a habbit of messing around with things over my head.

          Gorzy, you should totally email me your minecraft server deets to steveo(dot)the(dot)deveo(at)gmail(dot)com. I've had withdrawal ever since the kotaku server went down! I promise there will be no giant penises this time!

            We all know that's a promise you can't or won't keep!

            I will but I have no idea how much it'll be up and running + my internet is ridiculously bad here. I had one up and running a while back around version 0.8 that Pyrean and I connected to from work but lag made it nearly unplayable with just one or 2 people connected.

            I'm mainly trying to get it working for when I move as Pyrean and I can use it on LAN then and my internet will hopefully be much better (not sure if it'd change the upload though as it'll still be ADSL2)

    Yay for TAY and, um, LOL (or maybe LoL?) for TABTOL.

    Also sweet Jeebus, what is going on with over 5000 posts?! It's like it was Talk Amongst Djokovic and Nadal! [/end topical joke]

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    Post #1: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian at 08:42 23/01

      Wooo 79, my new pb.

      My name is finally on the list! Huzzah!

      I almost triple my comment count from the weekend before and still didn't manage to crack the top 20! xD You guys are insane.

      This must be one of the few communities i am part of that i only say 1000 words in a week on. I am usually the one talking peoples ears off. I dont like this change in the state of the universe, and hear-by declare that i SHALL type like a fiend from this point on.

      My first 1000th post award and I get it with a bad pun


      Lambo-ninjaa-007 will have the last post this week!
      *shakes fist*

    In case you missed it yesterday, I am now back from my Metal adventure.
    I feel like forwarding my notes to someone who writes good though, because my write-up will probably make it sound boring.. :P

      An authorized biography, Steve Jobs style. So crazy, it could just work...

      Welcome back!

      Welcome back Lady Strange!

      While you were gone, THIS happened:

        Thanks for doing that for us, should make things a lot easier now. :)

        Oh, but why are some of Jimu's redacted? I KNEW he was a secret agent! :P

      There's a good chance I'm wrong on this as I'm not much of a word smith myself but, shoudln't it read "forwarding my notes to someone who writes well"?

      Also, someone who writes well, I remember reading something about the punctuation for the end of the sentence should be included fefore closing the " yet having the ? there just doesn't feel right.

        It was a deliberate grammar mistake to add emphasis to my point. I actually have fairly good grammar, spelling and vocabulary, I just think my writing style is inherently boring and wish I could write like all the cool kids. :)

          Yeah, it was confusing me as I've had far to little sleep and you usually pick up other people on their grammar.

          I was attempting to use they're but I couldn't bring myself in the end.

            Oh god, then I go and murder it anway. I need sleep.

            Damn 12 hour shifts mixed with looking for units!!!

      Welcome back.
      Hopefully you had a fantastic voyage!

      Welcome back! You missed a crazy week in TAY. 5500 posts and four new Soul Knight bits.

      I twittered three of them to you. Here's the last (it of course has links to the others, as usual):

      You also missed a Can'd Meat. I'll forgive you. Once.

    Can'd Meat 2 Write Up

    Didn't go.

    But on Saturday I did by far the most spontaneous thing I have ever done and had one of the greatest (and subsequently, on Sunday night, worst) weekends ever.

    I had been really bummed I was missing the meat but man, I'd pass up 100 meats for another day like last Saturday.

      Spontaneous behaviour? Sounds good, but need more with the details.
      Less vague, please, or it didn't happen!

        Even if I gave you more details with illustrated diagrams and photographic evidence, you wouldn't believe me.

        Hell, I lived it and I'm not sure I believe it.

        /Even More Vague

          You really shouldn't do this. You don't know the power of my imagination.

          Can only be one thing, a journey to the centre of the Earth. You're a modern day Jules Verne!

          Did you build a moonbase?
          WHAT FOR PREZ, 2012

          You can't not tell us! I'd believe you, you're an honest gentleman, after all. ;)

          But seriously, the best (and then worst) day of your life and you're not telling the whole world about it?!

          Also, I hope you're happy when I die of curiosity! :P

      Spontaneous combustion?

    Has anyone here seen sherlock, i'm in love. But possibly up to 2 years for the next series. What about the season 2 finale, arrrggghhhh!

      I loved the first season and have been surprised how faithful it really is, despite the setting.

      But season 2 episode 2... I can't help but be that guy who's read the books and doesn't like what they did. Irene Adler is a woman who really got to Sherlock. He ended up referring to her only as "the woman". So what does this series do? It introduces her as someone whose business name is "the woman"! Godammit, but that's just getting it backwards!!

        Do you mean episode 1? Ep 2 Was Hounds of Baskerville. I can understand where you are coming from, the ending shit me a little. I didn't expect them to do it like that, but it could of gone down so much better. Oh and Moriarity, the guy they got to play him is a genius.

          Woops, yeah I do mean episode 1. Haven't watched 2 yet.

    I had a bucks party (not mine) last nght and now it's morning, I'm sore, I'm tired and I have no memory of how I got home last night/this morning.

    Going back through my phone looking at pictures makes me scared. We got one of the groomsmen so drunk, we convinced him to get something special.


    Mornin' TAY!

    Epic weekend of gaming, meating, and laughing so hard I think I got a little dehydrated from the tears (yeah...that's what did it).
    Can Meat was simply amazing. In summary:

    Bish claimed the kitchen. (He cooks! He cleans! He games! THIS! IS! BISHING!)
    Shane claimed our money (BOOKS!)
    Blaghs claimed superstardom though his voice (I feel his awesome hair helped).
    Pixel claimed he was foreign, but I couldn't understand him. (...bork?)
    Pez claimed the prize for NOT being the biggest alcoholic there (I've got your back, man!)
    Freya claimed dual titles of "The Best Zombie Dancer" AND "Most Team-Kills in a Game" (Little Big Planet 2)
    Nova claims "Most Paranoid non-drinker", after several of us had a discussion on how to slip some alcohol in his juice (and failed...or did we?!? OK, no, we failed.)
    Faction claims the award for "Most Beards in Canberra" (Incidentally, I think Loops may fall for you on sight.)

    And me? I made everyone else look sane, rational, and sober. Woo! \o/

    P.S. Blaghs, tell your sister the Internet said "Hey."

    Started playing Tiny Tower on my android phone over the weekend.


    Aside from trying to random build the right shop to match a dream job, is there anything to actually...uh..."do"?

    It seems that it's simply a stock, restock, deliver VIP, stock, restock, build, rinse, repeat game.

      I don't really understand the appeal of games like that. Sure, I played the beer one on the ti83 but that's because hey it was a calculator so a game at all was pretty amazing, and the alternative was doing maths.

    My Meat Write-Up

    TeamSpeak was practically dead this weekend.

    That is all.

      My meat write up

      Blaghman asked me to help TAY get to 5000 posts.
      So my entire weekend was that.

        I'm glad you got the triumphant post, though. Well deserved.

          I didn't want to get the post, I just wanted to get to 5000 as Blaghman requested of me.

      Yeah same here man, was hoping to do something to do with the hot weather, ended up playing Halo all day haha

    I just finished watching bored to death. Great series, too bad it was cancelled.

    Oh, Morning TAY.

    Harro everyone. How was the weekend, when not filled with minecraft racial slurs and such? (That story made me lol)

    I'm thinking of jumping on board with this whole twitter thing.

    trying to make @GorzillaAU (gorzilla was taken, damn!)

    It's already starting to piss me off. It made me follow 5 people before it let me click next but now it's making me follow 5 things I'm interested in which appears to be either celebrities or companies. I really couldn't care less about celebrities and I'm not looking for more advertising.

      It's making you follow things?
      That seems odd, you should be able to follow who you please.

        Yeah, it's a bit weird like that. I think the point is to let you know that you can. Good thing you can just unfollow afterwards.

          I just ended up searching abc and adding all their variou things as i figured they'd be easiest to find and un follow later.

      Fat Shady, F4ction, Chuloopa Blaghman and Bish have the honour of being the first people I follow in twitter (mainly because I happened to have TAY names open about there and they were the first names to jump out at me). Quick, tweet something humorous!


    I played and finished Halo Anniversary over the weekend.
    The graphics update is amazing considering they put the new art on top of the original xbox game, and the nostalgia is awesome (storming the beach on Silent Cartographer is sill an epic experience).


    God damn the level design shows its age, and I'm not just talking about the Library level, the Control Room Assault was so long and it felt like I was going through the same rooms over and over again. I actually think it may have been worse than the Library because it definitely felt a lot longer, AND you have to backtrack through it afterwards D:

    Also I feel it's a bit crap that there's all of this extra content in the game that I can't access unless I go out and buy a Kinect. Sure I can't scan everything but shouldn't I be able to access the model viewer after I beat the game even if I don't have a kinect? I paid for the game so why can't I just access the extra material on the disc?

    With that all said though, the Warthog ride at the end, still awesome.

    I played UMvC3 online last night and some guy called me a homo for using Hulk. Lawls.

      I've always felt that the game nosedived straight into the shit when the Flood arrived and that every subsequent game went crap once you had to start fighting them as well. It's one of the reasons I enjoyed Reach a lot - no Flood.

        on the plus side, it felt as though they nerfed the shit out of the Flood in subsequent games... 2 and 3 the flood felt much less like a chore then it did in CE...
        that having been said, i still love the shit out of that game, have very fond memories of playing it split screen long into the night...

        Honestly I think Reach has the best SP Campaign as well for this fact.

        Well it's a well documented fact that only homosexuals use Hulk. You can argue against me on this, but can't argue with science.

        Not that there's anything wrong with that though, some of my best friends are Hulk players, just because he's not my preference doesn't mean I have a problem with it.

      I got this recently and have only cleared the first level. Really love what they've done with the new graphics and the ability to switch back. Overall it's pretty amazing how well the gameplay holds up.

      I'll see how I go with the flood, as I was one of those weird people who actually liked that level. Maybe it just felt old school, running through endless dark corridors shooting hundreds of enemies with a pistol and shotgun.

      I haven't played Reach multiplayer for ages. Is it still active? I read ages ago they were redesigning the pistol or something. Did that happen?

        To be honest I didn't mind the Library all that much, the Control Room dragged on way too long though.

        Actually I didn't try the Anniversary MP yet, I hear they have a playlist with the super pistol in it and thats about it.

        Halo 3's multiplayer is still active! and yeah so is Reach! I quite like Reach as an MP game it's got a good balance of run n gun as well as strategy with the armour abilities.

      I think that 'same room over and over again' problem was already a problem in Truth and Reconciliation, all those damn corridors that looked the same. As someone who had never played the first Halo (but knew quite a lot about its plot and everything), that level really got on my nerves, and I had to stop playing for a while.

      That said I think the graphics update made The Maw a fantastic looking level, and Keyes' look was a lot more disturbing.

        DUDE did you watch the Keyes Terminal?
        That was probably the most affecting part of the game for me D:

          Exactly! That video was nuts, and incredibly effective. I loved it!

    So it seems the Australian Open is done for another year... now what will I watch?! /o\

      Something good. Bod-a-cha! :D

    Hey, when was The Consul's Car case for L.A. Noire added onto the Australian PSN store? How'd I miss that? $6, though!?! Almost the price of the Rockstar Pass. :S Any one played it? Worth buying? (I personally loved L.A. Noire, so more of the same isn't neccessary a deal breaker.)

      All of the DLC cases came out pretty soon after it was released xD (Makes me think they were pre-made :P). They were all pretty good though, but the arson case is by far my favourite.

        I've played every thing on the Rockstar Pass, but didn't know The Consul Car case was released seperately for some odd reason. I personally loved The Naked City DLC the best.

      So I tried the Space Pirates and Zombies demo because the game was $4 on Steam this weekend. Why couldn't I just commit to the $4? I dunno, but after playing the demo I decided not to buy it. The weird thing is, I liked it. It's definitely worth the $10 it's normally priced at. But after playing the demo I said to myself "I don't really see myself playing this long-term".

      What? WHAT? Monday-morning me has a few words to say to you weekend-me, and none of them are pleasant. It's FOUR DOLLARS. YOU BOUGHT A CUP OF CHIPS AHOY THIS MORNING THAT COST $2.49! $4 is not long-term commitment money. No one is asking you to marry SPAZ. No one is even asking you to stick around and make SPAZ eggs in the morning.

      You know who you're hurting when you're stupid, past self? Me, your future. My present. God, I hate you.

        Oops, I didn't mean to post this here. I mean to say:

        I don't recall seeing the Consul's Car DLC, is that one a PS3 exclusive or is it relatively new?

          It was exclusive for the North American PS3 version for some reason, but has since been released on all platforms without any fan fair by the looks of it. (I think it's included with the PC version too.)

    I realised I only did 17 posts... but those 17 posts had a total word count of 2k!!! Sorry, that gives away I'm a writer. :P

    Morning TAY!

    Epic weekend, consisting of weddings sever heat and an extremely hungover wife. Sadly this meant i didnt get a huge amount of game time in, but i did get a bit of time on SPAZ, and i can see this game is going to have MANY hours of fun. Feels like i have spent a long time, and i have only just jumped out of the first start system. I am scared.

      I'm thinking I should try this game,
      also I'm thinking I should play games on my laptop more.

      But not in summer, laptop too hot on lap this summer :/

    Beat Orcs Must Die on the weekend.

    Good game although being a tower defense, odds are you're just going to end up using the same handful of defenses every time. I know I did. Started on Nightmare mode, where they get rid of your prep time for each level. That's a bit of a nuisance because I use that to suss out what traps to use (and the other things to ramp up difficulty).

    So instead, I'm going back and getting 5 skulls on all of the levels before doing that. The finale will be an interesting. Only just made it the first time with my Paladin guardian spam. Might try something else. Anything else. Something effective even.

      Seeing as I have my streaming software working now, I might do a live review style thing (like Giant Bomb's Quick Looks) and put that up. Have people in TeamSpeak watch as I play and possibly give me arbitrary restrictions to make it interesting.

      I have been debating picking up that game, i played the demo on xbox and it seems fun. I know i enjoyed trenches which is basically the same play style.

        I picked it up in the Steam sales, so I've been playing the PC version. Can't be sure just how differently things play but I did got for a very crossbow orientated style where I picked off as many orcs as I could with headshots.

        Not too sure how viable that is on the Xbox (as in I don't know how well the controls port over, considering the accuracy mechanics).

          Well from the small bit i played, i'd probably play better with the xbox controller just because, thats what i am used to. I still feel weird using the mouse on my laptop somtimes.

            I'm okay with both controller and keyboard/mouse but accuracy decreases the faster you fire. So I don't know how that might make things more difficult on the controller when I didn't use it.

      Yeah, that last level was tricky. I tend to rely on pendulum/tar pit combo for everything and there is no way you can get enough coins to gover all possible paths that way for that level.

        That pendulum trap is the worst idea ever. It's so damned awesome to use that you feel compelled to waste all of your money on it.

        I think for the last level, I might use the pendulum/tar/arrow wall combo and just sell them between waves to set up again wherever they're coming from. At least, until I have the money to not have to do that. Then just a bunch of arrow guardians in the middle with tar/lava should do the trick. With the weaver that gives double money for spell kills and chain lightning, it might just work.

        I'll report back :p

      How's the learning curve on Orcs Must Die? I've been meaning to give it a go, but unless its casual and I can jump right into it, my attention is already devoted to finishing Dungeons of Dredmore and Space Pirates and Zombies.

        It's pretty good. You get granted new traps and abilities with every level. Each level tends to then make use of the new stuff.

        SPAZ really does eat your attention doesn't it. I was losing track of time playing it last night. For such a simple game, its really well delivered.

        Learning curve is quite good, you shouldn't have any trouble on the first half dozen levels, unless you want to replay them to get 5 skulls (perfect playthrough)
        The skulls are then used to upgrade your traps so can be worth it but certainly isn't essential

        I think I have one maybe 2 levels left to play, just need to find the time to finish them off

    [No spoilers]
    I've been reading Dance of Dragons (aka Game of Thrones book 5), and I was doing just fine until I got to this sentence:

    The ship groaned and growled beneath him like a constipated fat man straining to shit.

    I had to stop reading for a moment, but couldn't do much else on the train because my Jetpack Joyride save decided to delete itself and I'm annoyed at it.

    Then, in my weakened state, this happens:

    [redacted] made a point of sharpening his sword each day, honing the point until it gleamed.

    Certainly not as egregious, but that is just sloppy.

      I didn't read much more than the dialogue in that book. Now glad that's what I did! :P

        Even in Storm of Swords things are starting to get a little sloppy.

        This is what happens when someone gets granted protection from editors.

        You only read the dialogue yet you still think it's "vastly superior" to the Night Angel trilogy?
        I am disappointed in you for giving that away instead of waiting for a while and trying again. Did you eat too much purple pencil when you were signing books or something? :P

          I was exaggerating. I love GRRM's style, but will admit that books 4 and 5 could have been cut back a little :)

          But Night Angel... didn't love, sorry. I read for 150 pages, and found it blandly characterised and the style pretty unengaging.

    I started Deus Ex: HR over the weekend, and while I didn't get too far in, I'm enjoying it so far. At Ruffleburg's insistence I'm going for a stealth playthrough and it really is a lot of fun, as someone who doesn't usually go it stealthy its quite a refreshing feeling, and I love that there seem to be multiple ways to approach different situations. Even if a lot of the choices are for how to enter a room (take the door, take the vent, take the other door, etc) it sort of makes things a bit less linear. I'm looking forward to playing some more of it.

    But then, two of my friends bought Saints Row 3 yesterday, and now I can co-op with them. That's also quite fun, but I really wish they'd kept the multiplayer from the second game so we could all play together.



      This sounds do-able if i dont have anything else on. I keep skipping out on chiptunes events coz im lazy, but definitely need to catch one with you. We should make a plan of attack. *starts making leather man tyle bracelet with resistors for looks

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