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    Lambo’s Bus Trip
    Or, 'What is this I don't even...'
    Lambo sat at the bus stop waiting for a bus. (What, did you think he was waiting for a train?) He had been waiting patiently for the last five minutes, and he was starting to get bored.
    “I wonder how hard it would be to climb onto the roof of this bus stop?” he pondered. Clearly not knowing what is, and is not, socially accepted behaviour.
    “Well, that was somewhat more dull than I had predicted,” he said to himself after climbing on top of the bus stop with obvious ease.
    Suddenly, a train pulled up to the bus stop. For some reason this didn’t confuse lambo as much as it should have. “Well,” he said, “That’s not supposed to happen.” What and understatement…
    And then a giant T-Rex stepped on the train. Squishing it, just like the laws of physics dictate it should.
    “That’s not supposed to happen either,” said lambo. Well, thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious.
    Then the T-Rex stomped off with the crushed train sticking to its foot like a dead bug, the T-Rex’s respect for the laws of science not as complete as it should be.
    After the dinosaur had left, the city returned to normal again. Well, as normal as it could after having a giant, extinct reptile stomping around in its general longitude and latitude coordinates. Which is to say that everything was perfectly normal, except for the craters left where the T-Rex had put its giant paws, and the Improbability Police Squad Car following said craters, because, well, quite frankly everyone had gotten used to such ludicrous this happening that they never really noticed them anymore.
    “Ah, here comes my bus,” said lambo, who was now doing a one handed hand stand on top of a nearby street lamp for who knows what reason. He deftly dropped onto the roof of the bus as it drove under him, because we all know (or at least we should all know) that riding on top of a bus is a lot cheaper than riding inside it, though I haven’t the faintest idea why.
    Just as lambo had sat down and gotten himself comfortable, the bus swerved hard to the right almost knocking him off.
    “Hey, watch it bus driver, I’d prefer to stay safe up here instead of using my body as a sled and my face as the brakes!” he yelled at the bus, hoping the driver would hear him.
    “Oh cause he’s a jolly good fellow, yes he’s a jolly good fellow,” was the reply he got as the bus passengers started to sing.
    It turns out that the bus swerving was due to the fact that the crosseyed bus driver had seen a flea on the road in front of him and he attempted to dodge it, saving the poor creature’s life. Thus the passengers hailed the bus driver a hero and an all-round jolly good fellow. Then the bus driver crashed into a tree. The passengers stopped their singing and started throwing tomatoes they all just happened to be carrying (for emergencies) at the driver. Many tomatoes died that sad day. Let us pause and remember them.

    Oh hey look. Lambo’s dangling out of a tree. Yep, that’s right, thanks to the lack of seatbelts on the roof of the bus, when the bus *stopped*, well, lambo didn’t. Funnily enough, the tree was an apple tree, and when the bus, then lambo, crashed into it, some of the iPhones and iPads on its branches came loose. Just like with Sir Isaac Newton, one of those apple products collided with lambo’s exposed noggin. Unlike Newton though, this caused him to fall out of the tree, because, contrary to what the conspiracy theorists would have you believe, Newton was actually sitting under the tree, not in it.
    So, we have a dazed lambo sitting under a [redacted due to impending lawsuit] tree, a deceased tomato covered, cross eyed bus driver running away from his crashed bus, an angry horde of passengers/tomato murderers chasing after him, and a hot pursuit between a giant, science defying T-Rex and a Improbability Police Squad Car, which, up till now, hasn’t been talked about that much, but that’s about to change.
    “This is the Improbability Police! Pull over!” yelled the officer that wasn’t driving into his megaphone.
    But seeing as though the T-Rex was a T-Rex, and T-Rexs generally can’t understand human languages, much less English, the criminal scum reptile thought the officer said “Go down to the nearby café, buy yourself a strawberry flavoured cream-pie, find a nice place for a picnic and then eat the pie!” This slightly confused the dinosaur, but he did it anyway because it sounded like a wonderful idea, and he already knew of a great picnic spot.
    Right beside the Apple [no longer redacted due to patent being overthrown] tree.
    “Oh, hello,” said the dinosaur to lambo, who was almost over his dazedness.
    “Bill, add ‘spontaneously learning a new language’ to his list of infractions,” said megaphone officer to the other officer.
    By this time lambo had realised that there was a giant T-Rex sitting beside him. A normal person would be freaked out by this fact, but lambo wasn’t (freaked out or a normal person). Instead, he saw this as an opportunity to make some quick money.
    “If I could prove that you don’t exist, would you give me $20?”
    “Uh, okay?” replied the dinosaur, not entirely sure what this strange little human was on about, and obviously thinking that he was somewhat, if only slightly, deranged.
    “I’m going to prove it to you via interpretive dance.”
    Now the dinosaur knew that the little man was completely deranged.
    Lambo started shaking and shimmying, and threw in a few pelvic thrusts for good measure. To the untrained eye, it looked like he was drunk. To the trained eye, it also looked like he was drunk.
    “Argh! Make it stop, make it stop!” yelled the dinosaur, sick of the agony this torture was inducing.
    “Say, you don’t exist,” replied lambo.
    “What? No!”
    Lambo started dancing again.
    “Okay, okay. I don’t exist. I don’t exist!” And just like that, the T-Rex disappeared with a poof of smoke.
    “Wait…how is he supposed to give me twenty dollars now?”
    The End.

      That's not at all a bad way to start this week's TAY :)

        It's also a great analogy of TAY: totally random and a huge mess :P

      That sounds like a MIGHTY fine adventure, little Lambo!
      Good luck in future escapades!


      He said, as Page 2 was launched approximately 4 minutes later.


        4 minutes. You're funny, Bish.

        Like we ever have to wait 4 minutes for page 2.

    Good morning everyone! How were your weekends? Mine was pretty good.

    After extensive experimentation, I have reached the conclusion that it is impossible to exhaust a two year old. It just cannot be done. Annie spent all of Sunday running around the park, charging around on her bike, bouncing on her trampoline, practicing her forward rolls on the bed (she's amazingly good at this) and playing a pretty heated game of hide and seek. I'm buggered; she just wanted more.

    And what kind of a post would this be if I didn't plug my ongoing serial novella The Tube. Part Fifteen goes up today, marking the end of what I choose to call Volume One. Volume Two starts tomorrow. Read it here:

    I listened to so much chiptunes and 8 bit music that last night, what little sleep I had, all the dreams had chiptunes music in it. It was pretty cool. How was blipfest, Puppylicks?

      Blipfest was fecking boss, although it was hot as hell in there.
      Nullsleep killed it out there, I'm kinda spewing now that I didn't go Friday night too.

      Oh, and good morning!

    I get Vita and Metal Gear Solid 3D this week. Hopefully get my The Darkness books too. All is naught in comparison. I also have Friday off. Rubbish sleep last night because it was stuffy and hot in my room. This morning I have Lipton Ice Tea. I am at work. I am listening to 36 Crazyfists. I am on call this weekend which is good because I probably won't be sleeping much anyway.

    That's about it.


    Just spent all weekend playing Mass Effect 3 Demo just realised fitness isnt as important as I thought it was, and ofcoarse I can't reset my characters talents.

    Having a ball on my Asari Adept a 2500 neut push and a stasis that works on everything except the atlus, however to compensate I can stagger it with push I reckon it has to be the best support class in game.

      I have a Turian.
      His name is DinosaurBish.
      I am content with this.

        I suppose to expand further and add meaningful discussion, as he is, points in Warp, Overload, and Fitness. He's a... Sentinel, I think?I think I'm only level 9 too.
        A healthy amount of Fitness combined with Tech Armour means some decent damage soaking.
        Assault Rifle + Pistol (default is shotgun) means I get crazy recharge speeds on my skills, though I picked up a Revenant yesterday, which weighs a buttload. I'm torn between having a bullet hose and being able to spam Warp every few seconds.

        But yeah, it's fun enough.

          Tech Armour?! I'm okay with this! Darnit I can barely hold off the urge to finally cave in and get Origin for this now.

    Man, Chazz.

    I've got a level of respect to someone who's that dedicated to shitposting every single Sony thread possible, but then I get sad because it'll always end at "Show me HARD EVIDENCE of counterpoints", where hard evidence = "Live one-on-one chat from the guy who said something; even then, he's obviously lying".

    I dunno.

    I wonder if Sony once drove his family before itself, hearing the lamentation of Chazz's women, or something, to spawn such a level of dislike and vocal shitposting.

      He's a bit of a ... *says something unpleasant*

      Though he seems to hate more than Sony; he and I had a bit of an ideological clash in the CD Projekt priacy-related articles, and he tried to pull the 'HARD EVIDENCE' there as well.

      Oh well, at least there's always TAY :)

      I like to think you can judge people by their names...

      Chaz (or chazz) is certainly no exception, being one of the douchiest (word?) names going around.
      OF ALL TIME!

        You're usually pretty safe when the name is a Simpsons reference.

          Not always...

          I kinda expect a Nelson showing up doing "Har har!" on every Kotaku US article :P

      I don't undertstand how any sane person can read, let alone comment on articles, on any site, ever. I get so sick of reading so much stupidity, what's the point?

      I liked the part where he said "You can't compare these because of reason X"

      I pointed out that X was wrong.

      He says his point still stands. Just without a reason now.

      I tried to have a constructive argument with him once or twice, but resolved not to again. An exercise in futility and missed points. I tell myself everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if they're, well..... wrong. =D

        The catch with any debate is assuming both sides know and are playing by the same rules.

    Played through Mirror's Edge on the weekend.

    According to Steam, that took about 5 hours. Most of that was in the sections that came after that little review I wrote. Who thought it would be a good idea to have a boss battle where the boss randomly counters your attacks (so you can't safely attack) and then you have to defeat by using the counterattack move after stunning them with a normal attack?

    Then you get to do it again almost immediately after in a new area!

    Tried to set up a stream so that I could do a group Let's Play of it but I think my connection and/or computer isn't good enough. Could probably do a live recording by myself though. Shame I can't work out what's gone wrong with the Batman footage. Otherwise I'd just finish uploading that.

    Reporting from last night as could mean something to someone


    When you start Kingdoms of Bananarama it asks you if you want to share your private info with Big Huge Games. Hell no I say.

    Then because I’m weird I do my usual and start trawling through all the options to see what I can muck around with. Buried in the page with the Terms of Service and whatnot is an option of Share Data with EA which is set by default to on.

    You sneaky bastards.


    So our next-door neighbors came over on Saturday night, which resulted in LOTS of UMvC3.
    Playing against someone is sooo much more fun, and i still <3 Deadpool!

    I played quite well, apart from the times when Dean mained Wesker or Dante and button mashed me to a pulp.
    There was one round where he mained BOTH Dante and Wesker... that ended quick.
    I can't even keep track of where the heck Wesker is most of the time, he just zooms all over the field, it's insane!

    Spent all of yesterday replacing the brakes on our new car to find a couple of super-shoddy things that a past mechanic had done. One such thing was changing a brake pad on one side, but not the other... SO DANGEROUS! :s
    I also now have some nasty sunburn on the back of my neck. YAY!

    Did i mention how freakin tired i am?!

    OH! Also, if you live in geelong, please head down the the comic book store on Ryrie Street!!
    The guys are having some trouble, so are having a big sale (30% off) to try and stay in business!
    I went in and picked up a new Deadpool collection for just $14, and i'll probably go back this week and pick up another. I'd hate to see them go broke - they're alsways so nice! :(

      Does your comic store have the Iron and The Saint (also printed as The Iron and the Maiden) by Jason Rubin? Buy and send me a copy if they do and I'll pay you back?

        send me a dm on twitter so it's harder for me to forget and i'll check it out. It's a small store, so they dont have a lot, but they still might.

        They do have the complete 'The Gutters' collection, volume 1, however. sooo tempting!

      Deadpool is pretty boss when you know how to use him!

      I was thinking it might be a good idea to get an 8-man lobby going with all the TAYbies who have UMVC3. Might be a bit of fun on a Friday/Saturday night.

      Dat Deadpool.


      I'm a Spencer kinda guy myself.

      I watched the uMVC3 finals at OHN this weekend. So. Much. Hype.

      I think I nearly spontaneously combusted when the whole room erupted in cheers when a relatively unknown player went up and defeated all the Aussie heavyweights, then went on to win the ticket to EVO.

        who'd he use?

          Anchor - Trish

          he made Morrigan look OP. lol.

    Good morning all. How was everyone's weekends?

    Mine started with a confronting psych appointment, which left me dRinking at a mates place. Then Later in the weekendwent to the gym, did some shopping, and played civ and anno 2070

    who else here plays civ? I'd be interested in organizing a civ night(or group of nights) any interest?

      I might be interested. I prefer Civ V, if that doesn't disqualify me.

      Also, Anno, is there a way to dodge the Aussie tax on that one?

        I seen some gameplay of that from the Yogscast but that looks REALLY complex. I'm tempted to try it out but I doubt I'll know what I'm doing :P

      Sure count me in! I prefer the more tactical Civ V than the "biggest stack wins" Civ IV any day :)

        Yay is hall get to organizing it tonight and let ppls know :)

      And wtf is up with my gravatar? That's not my piccie? :(

        Are you on a phone? On my iPhone sometimes the avatars get mixed up. I'm seeing a picture of a toaster with a speech bubble against your name.

      And wtf is up with my gravatar? That's not my piccie? :(

        Are you on a phone? On my iPhone sometimes the avatars get mixed up. I’m seeing a picture of a toaster with a speech bubble against your name.

    This whole Labor leadership nonsense is getting a bit annoying. Both the Courier Mail and the Australian had front page stories about Rudd, talking about how the potential leadership clash was doing damage to the party image.

    Yet after months of going on about it, nobody still has any evidence about the whole thing.

    My personal favourite bit was the quotes from Qld Gillard supporters: Emerson, Ripoll, Neumann, McLucas, Livermore, Perrett, Swan [unconfirmed], Ludwig [unconfirmed], Furner [unconfirmed], D'ath [unconfirmed], and Hogg [unconfirmed].

    This was followed by the list of Qld Rudd followers: Rudd and Moore [unconfirmed[.

    Is it so hard to ask for actual news from the newspapers?

      I'll raise you one from a country radio station this morning:

      "Gillard is lining up to sack Kevin over his potty mouth!"
      "Really? Man, it can't be a coincidence that that video is leaked jsut as Kevin is coming up as preferred PM in polls"
      "Yeah well, that's Gillard for you! AND NOW SHE WANTS TO SACK HIM"

      ....have...have they not READ any polls since the day Gillard took over? They've been constantly saying that people would "prefer Kevin".

      Speaking of those polls - I love the fact Kevin's approval rating is higher, and people love him so much, but only since he was ousted.

        It's more hilarious since it's most likely the same naysayers that wanted him out in the first place :P

        Gillard has never managed decent approval ratings because we're always hearing the opposition parrot the same points about Labor failing to do anything (while actually managing to get more done than you'd expect with a minority government). Throw in the fact that we're constantly reminded of how she came into power and it's rather hard for her to get popular.

        The fact that people are still annoyed about the whole backstabbing thing just shows how little political education there is going around.

          I hope she calls a spill.


          Fronting up and saying "You know what? This is bullshit. Let's put it to a vote", and winning, means she's able to show she has majority support.

          I think the main thing people got annoyed with, me included was that neither side won the election, and the one who made the most 'deals' won in the end. Is this what usually happens when neither side gets enough to get over the line?


            The problem is everyone got too used to a "two party" system where either the coalition won, or the ALP won.

            Either side actually controlling both houses? Incredibly rare, but most people don't seem to remember that.

            Negotiating support in a hung parliament actually results in generally better outcome for the country as a whole. It's the same reason the Senate exists - if you have one party controlling everything and being able to do whatever they like, simply because 51% of the populace voted for them, it's bad.

            Real bad.

            Look at Howard's stint when he did have control of both houses.

            Most countries that use the Westminster parliamentary system have minority governments and win power by being able to best negotiate with the independents/smaller parties.

            So yes. It's exactly how this system is meant to work.

            The only key difference is that we're meant to have more parties.

            Don't forget, the Coalition is a coalition. The Liberals and Nationals have paired up for a long time after the Libs needed the numbers the Nats provided to get into power.

      Speaking of Labor, what's your opinion on the QLD election being called? It seems like suicide for Bligh, though, to be honest, I doubt that there is anything she could have done to turn stuff around prior to now, or if she had more time.

      (Also, real news doesn't sell)

        Had to be called eventually and she could only put things off for so long.

        Odds are the LNP will win but Newman won't win Ashgrove. So it's going to be a complete fustercluck.

          I hope they don't win Ashgrove.

          I dislike the idea of a party putting forward a "leader" that isn't even in parliament.

          Sure sure, everyone has to stand every election, but this is stupid.

          They won't take Ashgrove, so there'll be some random Premier from QLD that no-one knew about before the election - and that people might not have voted for if it had of been between him and Bligh.

            Queensland state Labor is pretty abysmal.

            The LNP somehow manages to be worse but because they're in opposition they don't need to do anything to appear to be the better option. Really, the only thing they need to campaign on is "we're not Labor" and the media does the rest.

            Kind of amusing that they couldn't get anyone to give up their seat for Newman. Instead he has to try and contest Ashgrove, which is one of the safer Labor seats.

            Makes you wonder about the sort of people running the place.

      Crime rampant in Melbourne
      Justice system always failing
      People still dying in weather ravaged countries

      Newspaper pick - an OP horse always winning

      I wish Kev would do a daytime childrens TV show where he reads stories in the same manner as that leaked youtube video

      "allright, sam i am, i f***ing get it.. you don;t f***ing like green eggs and ham. F***!"

      He could do a show with Ronnie John's Chopper Reed!

      I am kinda disgusted someone would upload that, trying to pin him as an idiot/delinquent.
      If anything, my respect for the guys actually grew, as it showed him to be more human. I like that.

      As for gillard. What a baboon.

      But back on subject, newspapers are just an absolute joke.

        Why is she a baboon?

          It's the red hair.


            That's the level of political discourse in this country?


              She's also unmarried, doesn't have children and *whispers* I hear she was born in Wales!

              Plus, if you add an R to the end of her name it becomes "Juliar" which I think is a really witty way to try and call her a liar.

                Also athiest. Don't forget atheist.

                  What's worse, she's a woman!

                Wales? Damn Frenchies!

                Not like that Abbott fellow. He's true blue Aussie, through and through!

                Oh GOD. I'm red headed, unmarried, childless, Atheist and Welsh! If you add an R to the end of my name it's Stevenr or Stever! I AM DOOMED.

                  Don't ever run for political office.

                  You might end up being Prime Minister and I can't think of a worse fate to inflict upon a person :p

              1. i don't give a rats about politics. It's just me. Too much too and fro idiocy and "she said he said".
              2. I really don't like her. Sure, she is a lot better than having abbott in, but she just gets on my nerves and seems to be ill-informed most of te times i actually see her on TV.

              Politics is one of those things that you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

                I'm in the same boat sadly. I just don't watch the news anymore and I skim through newspapers for this reason

        This is what gets me about this whole drama. It's just a video of him swearing. is that really so bad? It was never meant for the public eye, and it was a guy cursing at himself for messing up, it seemed. A lot of people swear on a daily basis. Why is it so horrifying for Rudd to do the same?

          BECAUSE HE WAS PM!

          In all seriousness, said video has had little affect on the opinions of anyone I associate with.

          Admittedly, I mostly associate with left wing hippies, but still.

    So how bout them mondays aye?

    Morning guys, had a pretty good weekend. Went to see Safe House at the cinema's. It's an OK movie, the only difference I could make between the "goodies" and the "baddies" is that the "baddies" are the government. I think I over-thought the movie to much but nevertheless, it's a an enjoyable movie if you turn your brain off to.

    So, there was a weekend, and a birthday. And it was melty hot. But there were red pandas. RED PANDAS!!!

      Red Pandas = Squee worthy in under 0.73 seconds!/Strangist/status/171374332629630976/photo/1/large


          Cuteness overload. They are cute all the time, but that pic is just adorable

      \o/ Happy b'day to the little man! :)

    So that Jeremy Lin guy is on a massive roll and is even a big thing here now, even with our declining interest in basketball..

    Shame.. basketball is awesome.
    To be honest, though, i gave up on the NBL a LONG time ago. Constant changes to my preferred team and mergers just made me lose interest.
    DOr those who remember them, i used to be a MASSIVE fan of the Nth Melb Giants. Dmac, baby! Then they merged with the magic to become the titans, which i could deal with.. then the changes just kept coming and i just got fed up and stop paying attention.

      Psssh, if he was that good, his team would have won by 50 points.

    Well i didnt game a huge amount on the weekend, unless you count being mauled by Ziggurat.

    What this weekend did bring however is I AM GOING TO COMIC CON! yes, my wife after many many months dragged my rear end to the travel expo, scored us good priced flights, and now...ITS AAAWWWNNNNN!

    *does the truffle shuffle out of the room*

      We still gotta get those ComicCon tickets bro, but yes IT'S ON SUCKA.
      Who'd ya get tickets through?

      Also, Blipfest: You missed out buddy.

        Well yes, still gotta get tickets, but yes its own.

        I was too knackered mental after all the travel planning, i couldnt have handeld blipfest. We are flying with V australia, arriving a little later than you guys though.

          Niiiiiiiice one bruvva

            I think we might be on the same flight heading back to Australia though. Which will be great for sharing misery :P Just trying to figure out what things to do other than the obvious, and where on earth we are going to stay.

      Which one? I will be at Adelaide, hocking my book! :)

    So, in the last few weeks I've developed a bit of a weekend habit.
    I don't usually eat breakfast on weekdays, but I've started making up for it on the weekends.

    It goes: 2x( toast, cheese, hash brown, fried shaved ham, scrambled egg)
    Epic breakfast, and respectably budget also.

    But my weekend has decided to bleed into my week and now I'm craving one. :(

      What is this "fried shaved ham" nonsense?! Where's the bacon?!!!! How can you call it an epic breakfast if there's no bacon?!!!!!!!

      Oh, and now I want bacon. And all the rest of your weekend breakfast stuffs. But we didn't get time to do the groceries this weekend so there is hardly food here. :(

        It was my concession to health :P

          Bacon is not unhealthy. Neither is a big breakfast. If you're having 3 meals a day your breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day, followed by a large lunch and a small dinner.
          Having dinner as your biggest meal is kind of silly because what do most people do after dinner most nights? Sit down and relax, followed by going to bed.

            Note: Even though I know it's silly, I still have dinner as my "main" meal. It's just what I'm used to, I guess.

            There's a theory that your blood type affects that sort of thing. So one blood type will typically skip breakfast and make up for it with a big dinner. Another will do the three square meals, another the big breakfast and then small lunch and dinner.

            I'm one of those people that typically only eats when I remember that I should. It isn't that rare that it'll get to 9pm and I'll realise that I've had basically no substantial food to eat for the entire day.

            The blood type thing is probably bollocks, just something interesting that I've heard before.

      Lingering over breakfast is one of my all-time favourite things ever. A big breakfast with eggs and coffee and all the rest is unbeatable.

      That's pretty cool actually, I eat breakfast most days (or I faint) but on weekends I splash out and have EGGS.

      Okay, compared with you it's not much of a splash but it SEEMS LIKE IT TO ME

    Howdy, those of a tayberrific nature
    Starting to get into FF Tactics, it's really cool. I definitely see why D&D 4th Edition is compared to FF Tactics on a regular basis

    One of the songs on the Drive OST sounds like an Andrew Lloyd Webber track.

      So you mean it sounds like Mendelssohn or Puccini?

      HAHA! 19th Century BURN!

    My KKP Gifts finally arrived today!
    I got mah 1500 MS Points, and my microbe plushie!

    Thanks guys, you all gave me the common cold. He's so cute :D

      You seem far happier about this than when I gave you herpes.

      OOOO! i love the common cold one!!

      CONGRATS! :D

    So I've decided to cut right back on caffiene... wondering how long before I crack

    Sooo.. iPhones.. i'll never have one, but this app looks pretty great

    PS. The comments section on Youtube always makes me facpalm, so many stupid and hateful people out there

      You know it's funny that haters and trolls are actually good for the people posting the videos xD. As TotalBiscuit once said: "Make the trolls work for you". Even if it has more dislikes than likes (Even by 100x), it'll be more popular cuz it has more total votes. Same goes by comments. Doesn't matter how bad the infighting gets, the more comments, the better for the video poster with their video going up the ranks for people to search for easier since it's regarded as "Most Popular"..

      comments hehehe, love that somebody had to call fake on it


    I love listening to German people talk - it sounds comically fun, especially when they are talking about POKEMON SCHWARZE EDITION! (black for those of you playing at home)

      PS. i think i need pokemon black



    Question: has anyone had any experience with AKG headphones. My Sennheisers died and looking to replace them. Can get the AKGs cheap through work but never had anything to do with them.

      AKG's are supposed to carry an excellent name! Like Sennheisher also German!

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