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    Post #1: Shane at 08:33 06/02

      Batguy, back with a vengence

      My highest standing in a while, with I think is more to do with others posting less than me posting more

    Morning all - how were your weekends?

    Mine was tres busy - cleaning the house and surrounds in preparation for my daughter's second birthday party. She's been so excited for weeks, telling strangers in public the following three things:

    "Puppy home." (Our puppy is at home)
    "Daddy work." (Daddy's not here because he's at work)
    "Annie... PARTY!" (I'm having a birthday party soon!)

    She'd been practicing blowing out candles for days, and when the big moment came, she did not disappoint. :)

    It was a lovely day.

    Also, I took out Maneater in Demon's Souls and watched the season 1 finale of Sons of Anarchy. One of the better weekends, overall, I should say.

      That is so cute, glad your daughter had a wonderful time.

        I just finished Sons of Anarchy season 3 finale. Great show!

      bahaha that's so bloody awesome!
      What a little cutie pie! Good to hear her candle-blowing prowess is up to scratch. That's the kind of stuff children start getting disowned for when they don't get it right.

      gnawwwww. That's adorable. Glad you enjoyed it.

        Not sure i would call the Maneater demon adorable, but to each their own I guess. I did enjoy it at any rate :P

      So cute, glad things went off without a hitch

      Of course the next one will be "Daddy, demon souls shhhhhhhhhhhh"

        That will be awesome. I'll be on NG++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ by then, though :P


      I think Rocketman was cluckier than me over your comment.

      But your kid sounds reallyl cute

    Been playing through Darksiders on my PS3 since I picked it up for $14 at BigW in Jan.

    My usual approach to games is to play them through on whatever the highest difficulty level is, partly because it makes the games last longer, and partly because I really find the challenge rewarding.

    Anyway, I've got as far as fighting the Tumour on the bridge - the section where he lobs a car at you, jumps onto the small highway platform with you, then stalks you.

    I'm getting my arse handed to me every. single. time. I retry the fight.


      Hi Zap!

      I always play games on normal, and if I absolutely love them will replay on hard. The number of times I've done that is few - in recent memory, Bioshock and Resident Evil 5. (RE5 probably doesn't count since you keep your inventory - but boy is it fun!!.) I also started a NG+ with Dark Souls but then questioned my sanity and moved on about halfway through.

      So I've been playing Darksiders on whatever the default difficulty is. I've found the difficulty just about perfect. Unless it's part of the design (Dark Souls, Oddworld, Limbo) I'm not fond of dying constantly and the normal difficulty in Darksiders has me surviving most encounters but dying if I don't pay attention. Something that indicates I might be on too low a difficulty is I beat Tiamat with only one death. But I just learned her patterns, as you do with any boss fight.

      I think I know the bit you're up to. You are not yet up to the Twilight Cathedral? (In which case you probably have no idea who Tiamat is.) What did I do with that guy... Um, he didn't kill (normal difficulty, remember? ;) ) but I think I just played it cautious and circled a lot and rushed in and hit him in the back a lot. One thing I've learned with this game is you really need to spend your time 50% being really cautious and backing off and watching and .the other 50% being absolutely frigging aggressive. You are War, after all. Popping in and out with a hit or two doesn't work. I kind of stand back and when I get a moment dash in and press attack about 30 times.


        Yeah, I think I might have to drop down a level here and start again. Pity more games don't allow you to adjust the difficulty in-game for those ridiculously hard boss fights.

        I think one of my problems is that the game's autosaved me after my first defeat, so I'm sitting on no Fury, and he only throws the one car at me. I swear the first time he chucked several.

        I know I can catch the car and lob it back, but with only one car, it's simply a starter.

        Wonder if it's worthwhile farming souls and buying a bunch of healing and Fury pots, then spamming the blades attack. Bah!

        I love hard, I hate sudden brick wall.

    Summary of my weekend:
    - Played Xenoblade (55 hours all up :O)
    - Ate Won Ton Noodle Soup (mmm...)
    - Watched a documentary on Jellyfish (Actually pretty interesting :P)

    That's about it.

    ps. Good morning TAY.

      I read that as you played 55 hours, just this weekend. I was a little confused.

        Weekend starts at 5pm Friday. It's doable :)

        Yeah I thought that would be a little confusing so I added the "all up", but then even that is still confusing! xD Oh well, if people want to think I'm some machine that can play 55 hours over a weekend, then that's fine.

        (Normally I find it difficult to keep playing after 10pm-11pm :P)

    Maybe I'll try and TAY more this week.....

    Also, I accomplished nothing this weekend. And it feels goooood.

      Setting low standards for a weekend = Never Disappointed!

      I also did nothing, It felt the same as when i did it last weekend and i was okay with that. Also yay notty is back!

        Kinda? Still will be pretty busy this week, but hopefully not as much as last week. So hopefully more procrastination on here!

      Also I spent $300 on ebay/internets on the weekend.

      So much regret today.

      But then when everything arrives, it'll be like free stuff! Genius plan is genius!

        Do you know what you bought?

        Apparently it is much more like Christmas if you do it drunk and have no idea what is coming

    Sooooo... Regardless of finishing my exams on thursday, i still haven't had time to play a single game yet! #forveralone

    On the plus side, i picked up Ultimate Marvel V Capcom yesterday fron JB Hi-FI for $29 so i am super-duper eager to give that a go tonight! :D

      I don't think you know what foreveralone is, Its cool work and school take priority sometimes that's life sadly. As long as you don't forget to have some fun occasionally!

        Are you trying to condemn my right to apply forveralone to whatever i feel like?
        How dare theeee!

      Yeah I know that feel bro,
      I played a small bit of Reach on the weekend and that was it.
      I may have gotten my girlfriend hooked on Bastion though.

      Also despite putting myself on a fighting game hiatus for a while, if you wanna battle or just train online let me know. I'll be happy to spar for a while :)

    Good morning TAY, another week has started with hopefully more TAY time and better health.... i wasn't on all that much last week cause i was down and out for most of it and therefore did not feel i could contribute anything worthwhile....

    on the other hand i had A LOT of spare time for Skyrim (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGSKYYYYYRIM)
    and whilst i can see some of the technical flaws with that game, i am fething loving the crap out of it.... with a few mods, that game goes from looking amazing to looking bloody FANTASTIC! i can understand Hugo excitement for this game, and i don't see me putting it down anytime soon...

    oh and a bit of minecraft happened but that's beside the point... and MLP...

    *Whispers to self*
    (Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up)

    I waited three days for fatshady to post his exciting news and i got nothing.

      Guys, I love that I have you excited.. it's why i post these tease type messages... and because i need to blurt it out occasionally... but it will still be weeks away, perhaps a month or more???

      Sorry but it will be worth it, trust me.

        Revealed by March 13? That's my birthday, I demand a reveal as a birthday present!

    Played much of the Kingdoms of Amalur on the weekend and all I really have to say is;
    These things are friggin awesome. You can leap around the battlefield flinging these things around like a maniac and before you know it, everything is dead.
    Now I have some other weapons that are pretty cool, but despite the lower damage stats, the chakrams are always the weapons I fall back on.
    Once you get them going, they can rack up some pretty impressive damage points, while managing to look cool doing so. They are the perfect blend of range and melee carnage causing awesomeness.
    Also the game looks pretty.


    Good morning all.
    I also tried Kingdoms of Amalur over the weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's just not for me. Not sure what it is but after playing through the first portion of the demo I turned it off.

      The first part of the game, is very horrible, but give it another try, cause once you get out of that first section, it does get pretty cool.

        Oh good. I hated the first part of the game. It also feels very MMO'ish, which I am not sure how I feel about.

          Oh umm I have heard a lot of people have said that about this game, apparently it was originally designed as a mmo and a lot of those characteristics have carried over.
          But still, CHAKRAMS! with the added power of having a good excuse to let out a Xena scream everytime you attack something.

      Yeah, everyone was hyped for Amalur and Im' sure it is a good game, but after watching some gameplay videos I think I'll give it a miss. It's described as kind of a mashup of Fable and WoW and frankly that is not encouraging to me. I'll stick with Skyrim for my swords & sorcery fantasy for now.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Had a pretty decent weekend of drinking and MLP, followed by an epic Sunday breakfast.

    Actually managed to get some gaming done, too. Smashed over some more Skyrim, but starting to get "class indecisiveness syndrome".

    Started LA Noire for the first time, and immediately regretted it. Spent 1 1/2 hours trying to get it working correctly (couldn't get rid of graphic lag, even on 800x600, all options turned off). Eventually got that sorted and started having fun.
    It's really difficult not meta-gaming interviews. Like some lady is obviously lying about her husband, so I call her on it, but that's not when the game wanted you to call her on it, so I'm wrong. Still pretty good, though.

      After I played through a couple of LA Noire cases, I looked up a walkthrough and replayed them with all the 'correct' stuff, and it flowed about a bazillion times better.

      Also, it helped me understand the game a lot better and I was able to 100% the rest of the game from that.

        Yeah, I REALLY don't want to use a walkthrough (that's just how I feel with any first-time play through of a game), but with LA Noire it feels like I'll have a better time and get more enjoyment out of it if the interrogations go smoothly.

        Might just have to take the occasional failure on the chin for now, and replay the cases later.


    I arrived at Federation Square about 11:40am and start walking around, It's a bizarre structure. Some might even say ugly, anyway, I got a Message from Tech Knight asking where I was as he was at the enterance, I called, as I was also at the enterance. We then spent 5 minutes describing our sceneries I had green and Black Umbrella's, and Techy had Green eggs. We then realised there were Two enterances!!!! HUZZAH!!! Found 1 TAYBIE!!!

    We then went inside and got ourselves a drink each, Then Techy got a message from Tigs saying they were upstairs outside, Which is where I had come down from:) We went upstairs and found a Scree and a Tigerion sitting at a wooden table. Introductions were done, and then the general geeky chat began. Negative Zero soon Joined us as well, and later Tigerions Wife as well.

    We talked of Many things, Left 4 Dead, Cosplay, RTS Games, Anime, and Dogs plus more I cant remember right now I'm sure,

    Scree Brought Shapes which were Consumed ( in Techy's case Assimilated) andenjoyed by all

    After a couple of hours we went inside and had food. I had a mushroom and cheese pizza and another beer, For those playing at home I had a Pilsner Urquell and a Mountain Goat Steam Ale.

    Then at 3:30 I had to run as my plane was leaving at 5:10 Got to the plane just on time, so if there is anyone I didnt get to say bye to properly I do apologise.

    I have more to write particularly about the wheather of melbourne, probably in another post later :)

    All in all a great Meat Was had :) Thank you all for coming

      WAIT WHAT! there was a melb meat? im shattered. Clearly my epic illness made me miss important things *sheds single tear*

      Sorry I couldn't attend Melbourne TAYbies.
      Hopefully I can attend the next one.

        Hey, P-licks. You still going to the chip tunes hing this weekend? and what day? Im doing rock the bay on Saturday by the looks of things (havnt seen twelve foot ninja in forever, so this is a good chance), so may only be able to attend on Sunday.

          Well the event is Friday Night/Saturday Night, but I'll be heading to the Saturday night show as a few people have already confirmed.

            ahh bugger. i well i guess i'll have to meat some other time.

      There was a meat!?!?

      I guess TAY really does move too fast for me......

        Wasn't there supposed to be a meat around your birthday or something?

          My mad organisational skills reveal that there is a probability that this may or may not occur.

            Two words for you... Mana. Bar.

              Honestly I was really disappointed by the Mana Bar. Perhaps my bar (see what I did there?) was set too high. Perhaps it was the 30min wait to get inside, perhaps it was crowded, cramped rooms, perhaps the not overly tatsy cocktails. Most probably it was just a combination of all of the above. I dont see myself going back there ever again unless it's for a closed function.

        Multiple reminders were sent out, sad that you missed them mate. Would've enjoyed meeting up with you again human

        Maybe we need to add state/city to the taynames list so that if there is a meat going down we at least know who to inform. We posted several times in TAY but as you say it gets swallowed very quick these days

        i might get onto that later today

      Was great to meat you guys, too bad you had to leave early and missed out on the IGF stuff, there was some cool games in there.

      I probably won't get to do a meat write-up until tonight

      Oh man dat weather. It pretty much changed no less than 5 times in those few hours! Bloody Melbourne.

      Still it was a thrill meeting you all. It really enforces that I enjoy hanging out with the TAYbies more than anything else :)

    Been playing MGS2. Never before have I structured my playtime around whether I have time for a cutscene rather than gameplay. Weird.
    Also, Raiden is a moron. Stop repeating everything, dammit!


      I'm not ashamed of my love for MGS2. Once you've finished go back for a dog tags run, changes the game completely.

    I finally got around to ordering The Old Republic yesterday! \o/
    Order Status: Being Picked
    I'm imagining there's a guy sitting at a table, a bunch of copies of TOR in front of him, and he's choosing which one to send. Probably using the Eeny, meeny, miny, moe system :P

      Also, I had a good weekend. I didn't really get up to much though. Played a little CODWAW, Bastion, and started Portal 2 again (I need to go find those easter eggs...)
      And I watched 2 and a half of the Sherlock season 1 episodes :D

        Howed you go not finding hacked lobbies on WaW? i know i go back to cod 4 and its pretty horrible lol. Nothing too major, but enough to be annoying.

          I've only tried MP once. Barely anyone was playing it /o\
          I've just been going through the singleplayer.

            Ahh you are probably doing yourself a favor there. I know cod4 had only 200 people playing hardcore tdm when i logged on the other day, kinda made me sad.

            My experience with CoDWAW on PC is there is only one server that has anyone playing it, and there are around 20 people in there at all times, but they're all insanely good at it. Still fun though.

      That would be the best job ever.
      "Hm, do I give this kid the box that's squished up in one corner, or the one that has a huge cut across the title of the game..."

    As I promised myself I maxed out my achievements in Skyrim over the weekend, and my wife has taken the opportunity of me being 'done' with Skyrim (though I plan to start a second playthrough soon) to rewatch some old DVDs.
    Since we sat down and watched 2001: A Space Odyssey on Saturday night and she got mad at it, she doesn't want to watch any new (to her) movies for awhile. As a kid (and a huge sci-fi fan) she always wanted to watch it but the slow pacing at the start always put her to sleep. This was her first time seeing it through to the end and she was SO MAD at the ending.

    So instead of watching Clockwork Orange as planned she is rewatching season 1 of Angel in an anti-Kubrick protest. I'm kind of ok with this, as it has enabled me to spend some more time with Star Trek Online. Though now I am at a point where they are pulling this team fortress 2 BS and dropping crates I have to buy keys to unlock. Oh, you sneaky monkeys. If I actually had any money left before pay day in my account I might have been suckered into your little "free-to-play" shenanigans.

    Other than that, I didn't get up to a lot.

      First half of 2001 is a brilliant movie. Second half? Pink Floyd music video set to classical music. It has its place in movie greatness, but it's not what I would ordinarily call a "movie".

        See my wife really wanted to watch Space Odyssey for HAL (and I got to enjoy blowing her mind with how HAL = IBM with all the letters shifted one place), so she was disappointed with all the metaphysical stuff.

        If I recall right (and maybe I don't) this is sort of all explained in 2010... but I doubt she'll ever watch it.

    Morning TAY. I hope you all had a good weekend.

    I think i have just about recovered from the massive migraine that limited me to 2 posts lastweek. So should be back in full swing.

    This weekend i had my first game of LoL. and well, its really not what i expected. Its kinda cool, and i kinda suck. But not sure i can see myself getting into it.

    Instead, i spent sunday massively sleep deprived and watching pokemon movies.....just coz i could :P

      Aw man, old Pokemon movies? I wish they had the first five or so on DVD. All I see at JB is the really new ones with the not as cool Pokemon (i.e. the ones that aren't Mewtwo).

        haha yes, i watched 1-4 on the weekend. Im so tragic! But i really dont get how the main pokemon never evolved in that space of time. Like really, lets be honest.

    I had a most unproductive weekend.

    Although I did make some tandoori chicken pizza!!/Doc_What/media/slideshow?

      I'm going to have pizza for dinner tonight and there is no way it will be half as good as that looks

    After Logan posted this article about Wretcher:

    I decided I wanted to get my adventure-gaming fix. I played the Wretcher demo and really liked it. Gave me a "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" vibe. Really want to see that game on GOG now.

    Anyway, decided to finally start Gemini Rue which I picked up in a bundle a while ago. Really digging it. Anyone here played it, or is otherwise an adventure-game tragic like myself?

      I started playing gemini rue but found the lack of direction a bit much in my confused, sleep deprived state.

      I do enjoy my adventure games, providing they make enough sense to know what to do next. Some of them just make me rage quit when stuff isn't working the way I think it should. We were playing whispered wurld, and that is shocking for it. Nice art style but makes what to do next a real pain to find.
      I think jolly rover did it really well with the multi-coloured text titles, letting you know when things were irrelevant after you looked at them.

      Now you have me tempted to install one of them at work to play during lunch, hmmmmmmm

    I just got called Nos on the telephone even though i clearly said my name. NOS ISN"T EVEN A REAL NAME. Lately it has been getting worse than before, I used to be Rose or Ros but now every person on the phone calls me something other than my name eg
    It isn't hard guys their are 4 freaking letters and i get all of your names right.

      Somewhere out there, a Nos is crying.

      Do you say your name when you answer the phone? You might just have to slow down or change what you say.

        I start all my phone calls with
        Hello(insert company name), (Insert My Name) speaking
        I have tried slowing it down and changing it completely to a more understandable name and that worked. It is just because my name isn;t that common people haven't heard it before. I might as well just say
        Hey, why the hell are you calling me?

          I was taught once that it is important to say your name last as people tend to pay more attention to the last word they hear. For example, Hello, (company name), this is (your name).


            "Thank you for calling Rocketman's Emporium, this is Ross."

              Yeah. This. Especially as your name ens with an S and so it just blends in to 'speaking' so people hear "rospeaking" and have to mentally extrapolate your name from the word wreck.

              I'd go with "This is Ross" and see if that works better.

          I've had people respond to that as
          "Hello Mr Speaking, is Peter available"

      My name is "Owen" but I get Allan or Alvin a lot of the time, and at least once I have got Elwin and Howard. Howard!!

        It is really annoying though right, Moreso when you repeat your name and they just repeat what you said.

          Elwin occurred despite me saying my name three times. I gave up, and had to remember the name when my coffee order was ready.

      I get Dion, cause, you know, Dion's waaaaaaay more common than Dan.

      My name is Jason, and i get called anything but Jason by clients who dont know me. I get Jadon, Jarrod, Justin, Darren, and thats just the common ones, i get some really odd ones sometimes.

    Oh, I posted this late last week so I doubt many people saw it.

    Bacon Blog Post

      You are going to wake up with a knife in your back complements of shiggy!.Still it was a good read!

    Morning, TAYbies.
    My weekend was simply books.
    Agatha Chrisitie's Poirot , and Michael Leunig's "Ramming the Shears".

    Got a new PS3, so my weekend was filed with games.

      Filed? Judging by your twitter feed, you've filed CoDBlops under "S" for "Shite". I liked it, myself. And yes I do like other "good" games too!

      Ruffles, I've responded but the spam filter apparently picks up swearwords even if they're said in Irish.

      I thought your weekend was filled with complaining about how bad BLOPS is on twitter. lol Also happy birthday for tomorrow in case i forget ruffles

        BLOPS is the reason game developers weep at night.

    Howdy Tayberinos
    Spent all sat night playing Uncharted 3 MP with mates, good fun

    A question: A Mate of mine is about to buy a PS3, but has no broadband internet at home currently (lives in a dead spot). How much of a pain will this be for him?

      Anywhere he can steal internet for a bit?
      Worst case, the PS3 demands a firmware update. But you can download it from their site, plop it on a USB and do it that way (it's usually ~150MB?).
      Otherwise, I can't imagine any other offline issues.

      Demon's Souls / Dark Souls won't be as good :(

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