Team Pok Pok Release Captain Skyro

Last September we met Team Pok Pok, a two-person game development team from Sydney working on a swashbuckling Android adventure. Today we're pleased to announce that their game is ready for everyone to play.

Captain Skyro began as a browser-based flash game. The Android version sees the game receive new graphics, dynamic level design, new challenges, and improved movement. The developers in Team Pok Pok, Brian Neong San and Dan Adijans, have crafted 40 levels spanning across four different worlds.

There is something incredibly satisfying about meeting an indie development team while they're working a game and seeing it released months later. Captain Skyro is available on the Android Market right now for just 99 cents. Go and get it!


    I like the music and sound effects! Will buy this and support team pok pok.

    The more accusatory among us may suggest that they're trying to catch a ride on the coattails of Sidhe's Iphone department Pik Pok with that company title. I suppose you've gotta to whatever you can to try to slip ahead of the competition in the oversaturated mobile games business.

    @Jacka - There was no link in the name selection, just an unfortunate similarity.

    We've had the name for some time now but we clearly haven't had quite the publicity of Pik Pok.

    With some hope we can make our own mark on the industry :)

    Everyone doesn't have an Android. :/ I hope it comes out for the iOS soon.

    This seems like a pretty neat little game. Might have to check it out.

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