Tekken Tag 2 Has A Surprising Option

With Tekken Unlimited Tag Tournament 2 (temp title), Tekken Tag 2 is coming to Japanese arcades. Besides tag team, it also allows players to play one character vs. one character — which defeats the purpose of tag, no?

Here is the game's trailer, unveiled earlier today at the AOU arcade show in Chiba, Japan.

Be sure to check out the show's sights here.

鉄拳アンリミテッド(仮称) [YouTube]


    How does it defeat the purpose of tag?
    Did they say that the one vs. one mode would be the only mode available? I don't think they did. What's wrong with giving players more options?

    It's especially a good option for Tekken fans who don't want to be forced to use the tag feature.

    Tekken Tag 2 has been in Japan for a couple months already... saw them in lots of arcades there earlier this month.

    2v2 yeah tag tournment

    1 Vs 2. Wow, only the die-hard hardcore Tekken pro player would only pick 1 character to vs the opponents 2.

    1 vs 1. Thats kools, its like making a new Tekken 6 with much more additional characters..

    Sweet... I want to buy this game. LOL

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