Tell Us Dammit: Anyone Getting A Vita?

Alright, I've just received the Kotaku office Vita, and I'm posting in between charging this bad boy up. The PlayStation Vita comes out in Australia today — anyone here planning on getting one?

I'm happy to just fool around with the office one at the moment, and I don't have any plans to buy one for myself yet. My first impressions of the Vita, now that I've got a retail version out of the usual preview environment, is that it is a super ergonomic, prestige piece of kit that feels and looks quality.

Also — it feels as though there's a lot of... stuff that goes with it. AR cards, memory cards, SIM cards — I genuinely did have a tough time finding where the hell I was supposed to put stuff! Everything feels so small. I will lose things, this is a guarantee.

Anyway — any of you guys pick up a Vita? Anyone planning on getting one? Let us know in the comments below.


    Of course not, i would if i didn't have standards.

      I wish we could just perma-ban you and your negativity.

        *Starts playing Violin for f4ction*

          Thanks, my office could use some classical music.

            Happy to be of service!

              Just to be offensive, Richard's violin probably has a dubstep drop about 30 seconds in.

                Don't spoil it dude!

    I really want to get one. But I really should pay off my Xbox that I impulse bought the other week (I already had a PS3, but all my mates have an xbox so i caved so i could play online with them).

    Damn you interest free harvey norman

      Dude. You bought a $168 console (4GB) on interest free terms?

    I will when a decent game comes out on it. Make that 3 decent games...

    too expensive for a handheld for me.

    Picked mine up this morning before work simply put it looks awesome and I can't wait to finish so I can give it a real go

    Well - seeing as you asked...

    Short answer no. Long answer - there's no place for this sort of device in my life. My phone has taken the role of portable gaming device, and I don't think that I can go back. The only time I can think of we're I'd like a high powered dedicated handheld is on a plane - and the battery for the PSV and the 3DS is too short to get me through a flight to Asia.

    Add to that the fact its pretty pricey and I have a I'd rather play on my large screens at home, I'm kind of hoping the device is a failure so there aren't too many games I like the look of, but want to play on a TV. I'm looking squarely at Golden Abyss with that statement.

      Yeah, I have a feeling phones will eventually strangle the handheld market. Too convenient, powerful and portable to justify the additional cost and hassle of using a separate handheld gaming device.

      The way I'm seeing it as is a benchmark that other portable devices can kind of 'aspire' to be. Whether they be phones or handheld consoles. Theres a lot of interesting tech crammed into this thing and I look forward to eventually seeing this stuff in other devices.
      I'll probably pick one up in six months time if its still going strong.

      What kind of games do you enjoy playing on your phone? Just asking because I see your argument mentioned everywhere, but myself my friends just don't get it. Would you only use a handheld gaming device when you're on a bus or something and it's too hard to 'get into' a DS or PS game? Personally I use my handhelds in bed or on a couch, either at home or away on holidays (and business if that situation ever came up, but I have a crap job :/ ) Pocket-fit factor is irrelevant, but the ability to chuck it in my bag if I have an hour of down-time on the go is irreplaceable, and if I have an hour to spare the last thing I want to do is play a touchscreen phone game as I just find them pointless.

      I guess what I'm trying to work out is; if the only reason people think phones are a replacement for 'core' handheld devices is because of a lifestyle choice or if, for them, the games are actually 'as good as' games on core devices?

        You kind of hit the nail on the head - its largely a lifestyle issue. The kind of 99c apps available on app markets are better short burst experiences. I guess these would be described as non-core, but lots of them are pretty similar to things like pacman, which is as old school as it gets. There are definetly some core experiences to be had on the iPhone though. I used to play a fair bit of Civ Revolution when on the road - though less so since I got a droid.

        I would never play a hand held at home. I have a pile of "core" games to be enjoyed on my HDTV with surround sound or my PC. I actually have both setup so I can play from bed, which is quite awesome.

        The question I often wonder is this: did the lifestyle generate a preference for the gaming apps, or did the gaming apps change my lifestyle? I think this is a key question, because depending on the answer there may be contraction of the dedicated handheld market. Unfortunately for the Vita, I suspect that the availability of cheap easy to get into games on my phone has changed my lifestyle, so a new core device with superior core experiences can't, in principle address that.

      All the international airlines I have flown with in the past three years have had either USB or AC charging, or both. Kids could play as much DS as they wanted.

        Who is offering this. I've flown BA, TAP, Qantas, ANZ, Delta and UA, and JetStar in the last 12 months, and I haven't had access to these options on any flights. Is it a particular model of newer aircraft?

    Just picked mine up with FIFA and little deviants, 8 gig memory (don't really download full retail games so should be ok for awhile) and a starter kit cost me $500 but so worth it

      Fark. $500 for a handheld and a couple games these days. Unbelievable.

        800AUD for a mobile phone is even crazier imho

          800 is fine for a mobile. So is 20k for a car and 5k for holidays.
          Whats your point?

            How the fuck is $800 "fine" for a phone.
            You can buy a computer for less, you can buy two netbooks.
            Smart phones are one of the biggest ripoff tech items ever, they should have dropped in price ages ago.

              I wholeheartedly agree - the minute you realise how much mark up there is on phones (some phone plans give away consoles as freebies FFS) you'll feel all dirty inside.

    Picking mine up at lunch today. I don't care what others think. I'm excited!

    I would, but I can't really afford one currently. Plus I bought the PSP at launch and after the initial "Oo la la", I didn't really play it much for a couple of years until a few good games had been released. So I might wait this one out. Maybe get a "PSV Lite" or whatever they'll call it in a few years.

    Picked mine up this morning, so far so good! Uncharted is amazing!

    Too expensive, lacklustre launch titles and my OCD flat out rejects any touch device in glossy piano black. Greasy paw-prints all over that sexy screen? Nah dawg, I'll wait for silver or white. And a price drop.

      my sentiment is somewhat similier. Nothing i'm interested in game-wise at launch. it's a little too expensive for me at the moment when that is factored in . If there were some massive killer titles on the horizon that i could look forward to then that will likely change.

    *tries not to cry*
    *bursts out into tears*

      *passes the vodka*
      There, there. It will all be ok.

    I'm definitely going to get one, but not until there's either a price drop, or a few more games. I'm mostly waiting for Gravity Rush, but more games are always good.

    I want one but I keep telling myself to not get it because i'd most likely regret it as most of my impulsive purchases turn out to be.

    I'll just sit here for two weeks waiting for ME3.

    got mine this morning, its just amazing.

    I'll get one eventually for Lumines.

    Pre-ordered online which delivered this morning. Touched my Katamari on the train to work, and it definitely tickled something.

    Am about to go pick mine one up now. My local Eb manager gave me the device to play around with and I was instantly WOW!!!
    Big OLED screen & touch features are the high points of this device which I love.

    I'm happy my bro is paying half as my wallet feels light as it is.

    Would love to but probably not till COD comes out on it (cue the haters!) :-)

    It all depends on the remote play for me.

    Not planning on getting one any time soon, but that doesn't mean I ever won't. Never say never, but it's probably unlikely I'll get one. I'm not big on portable gaming in the first place.

    Handheld gaming is just something I don't really have a need for anymore. The only times I've played my 3DS were in situations where I could have just as easily been sitting at my desk playing Starcraft.

    On the bus, where I used to do the bulk of my handheld gaming, I now have my Kindle and iPhone to keep me occupied. That niche is filled.

    Unless there are exclusive titles that I must play, there's nothing to draw me to the platform.

    Have a Japanese WiFi Model (had it since it launched last year) - Xmas gift from someone special

    Have a 3G Model Pre-Ordered and paid off (thanks to trading in my Wii) - I preordered before I got my WiFi model

    So yes I'm picking it up this afternoon...No I'm not made of money, I fund a lot by trading...

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