Tera Asks Guild Leaders: Are You An MMO-FO?

Tera Asks Guild Leaders: Are You An MMO-FO?

Tera is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game that emphasises action-packed combat mechanics over traditional MMO click battles. Bas Rutten is a legendary mixed martial arts fighter with a penchant for kicking his opponents in the liver until they fall down. Put them together and you get a room full of mildly terrified guild leaders.

This is the second video in Tera‘s MMO-FO viral campaign, employing the charming, cuddly, and frighteningly energetic Rutten to personify the difference between En Masse Entertainment’s MMO and those other, bleeped-out games.

In the first video, available via the webpage linked below, Bas terrorizes a group of live-action role-players, something that isn’t really that difficult to do. I was once a LARPer myself, and if I saw Rutten coming at me I’d pee myself, apologise, and then run like hell.

In this PC Gaming Lives! exclusive clip we see a room full of actual guild leaders from other MMOs discussing the sad things they do to pass the time in their respective games. Things like fishing. Massively multiplayer online fishing. Catch the fever.

To be completely fair, these people seem to have been playing their games for years, and when you play anything that long it’s bound to get dull and repetitive.

Also, when you’re trapped in a room with Bas Rutten you do whatever he says.

They don’t have to send him after me, thankfully. I’ve been itching for more Tera time since I briefly played during GamesCom 2010 in Germany. And hey, it launches on my birthday.

Hit up the link for more Rutten goodness, and stay tuned to PC Gaming Lives! for more odd videos about MMO-FO.

Are You an MMO-FO? [Tera]


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