Thanks To You, Skyrim Now Has Fancy Crabs, Spider-Man And Tiny Nords

Thanks To You, Skyrim Now Has Fancy Crabs, Spider-Man And Tiny Nords

Skyrim’s offical Creation Kit hasn’t even been out a week (or half a week!), and already, there is some amazing stuff being done.

There are now crabs with tophats.

A new island in the game. With a village on it. And the whole thing is made of ice.

The chance to get a new follower who is a dwarf. Well, a tiny Nord.

Bigger giants. Because, you know, they weren’t big enough.

There’s even a tweak which makes the game’s cities “open”, so instead of each city entrance triggering a loading screen you can enter and leave them as part of the open world.

As for the one pictured up top, the less said about that horror the better.

The best Steam Workshop Skyrim mods [PC Gamer]


  • Just to point out, this stuff (with the exception of perhaps the island) was out way before the creation kit was released and has not much to do with it as they’re all skyrimnexus mods that also happen to appear on steam.

    • There are people who were waiting for them to appear in the Steam Workshop before installing them. Crazy, I know. I’m one of them. I know I could have downloaded them from skyrimnexus but I am weak and afraid of fiddliness. I have one mod installed on New Vegas and it has so far kept me busy doing things other than playing the game for at least an hour. I can’t have that hour back.

      I take your point though, as the reality of them already having been made kind of undermies Luke’s amazement at them coming out after only a couple of days.

      • I’m also too afraid/lazy to install mods, but their mod manager makes it pretty easy. Even disables mods without having to uninstall. And installs them pretty quick too, with minimal fiddlrey.

  • The Steam Workshop is good for basic mods, but if you really want to get the most out of a modded Skyrim, you need to take advantage of the Nexus.

    • Yes, that’s a totally fair point to make considering the Creation Kit has been out for 4 days and Nexus has been around for 4 months. Thankyou for your wise insight.

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