That Battlefield 3 iOS Game Just Spawned Into The App Store

Anyone who's been watching EA knows that the publisher's going to be tethering portable spin-offs to its big releases. Last year's Dead Space game for iOS and Android proved such games could be great and yesterday we saw the debut of Mass Effect Infiltrator. This sector's a big deal for EA.

Kotaku AU note: It's either been pulled or hasn't yet appeared in the Australian iTunes App Store.

So, it's surprising that Battlefield 3: Aftershockwhich we previewed last August — just popped up into the App Store today with no fanfare.

What's even weirder is that the game's being sponsored by Act of Valor. The upcoming action movie features active-duty Navy SEALs and is for all intents and purposes an attempt to get the energy of Call of Duty — you know, the FPS rival to Battlefield 3 on the silver screen.

That sponsorship means that the game is free, though, so it costs nothing to try out the multiplayer game.


    Battlefield has been cross promoting with Act of Valor for ages. Dog tags for watching the trailer, etc. no surprises.

    I hear it gives the PC version a run for its money!

    I don't see it in the app store...not available in Aus?

      I seriously hope it doesn't come available here. Shit is an underestimation of this game. Online only, which lags like a bitch and four weapons and only 1 map I think. This has to be the worst iOS game ea have ever made.

    I wish they'd spend less time with this crapware and more time getting battlelog out in app form. The divide between BF3's metagame and MW3's metagame is massive on the xbox- in MW3 I can browse my challenges between matches and see what I'm working on- in BF3 I cannot. They need to fix this ingame, but an assignments browser on my iPhone would also be very helpful.

      The battle log gui's for droid are fine as they are and stats update pretty quickly

      For some reason you need to log in to look at your assignments.

    It is only in the US store and the 3 reviews so far give 1 star. Seems to be a lot smaller than what they said it would be.

    When will this be avlabile in aus??

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