The 50 Best Video Game Endings Of All Time

More than 13,000 fans voted for their favourite video game ending of all time for the Guinness Book of World Records 2012 Gamer Edition, and this is what they came up with? Call of Duty: Black Ops is the greatest video game ending of all time? Maybe I need to go play it again. Oh wait, BioShock made the list, it's obviously complete BS.

"Conducted for the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition book, the list will cause heated debate among passionate gamers and provide further evidence of the growing sophistication and popularity of video games." So reads the official announcement that accompanied this list which, upon further scrutiny, is indeed a list of 50 video game names placed in some sort of order.

Just how accurate that order is remains up in the air.

Some of these make perfect sense. Metal Gear Solid 4? I'm not that much of a fan, but that ending was some powerful stuff. And who can forget the sweeping cinematic ending of Sonic the Hedgehog. Wait, are thy talking 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog? Oh god, I hope not.

Check out the full list below and wonder with me where they found the 13,000 gamers that helped vote it into existence. Sounds like one or two of them might have misunderstood and just voted for their favourite game.

50. Resident Evil 4 49. Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 48. Ratchet & Clank: a Crack in Time 47. Crysis 2 46. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 45. Call of Duty: World at War 44. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 43. Half-Life 2: Episode Tow 42. Super Metroid 41. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 40. New Super Mario Bros. Wii 39. inFamous 38. Fallout 3 37. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 36. Gears of War 2 35. Bioshock 34. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 33. Sonic Adventures 2 32. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 31. Kingdom Hearts II 30. Mass Effect 29. Super Mario Galaxy 28. Sonic the Hedgehog 27. Metal Gear Solid 26. Assassin's Creed II 25. Assassin's Creed 24. Shadow of the Colossus 23. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 22. Kingdom Hearts 21. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 20. Super Mario Galaxy 2 19. Mass Effect 2 18. Grand Theft Auto IV 17. Portal 2 16. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 15. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 14. Halo: Combat Evolved 13. Halo 3 12. Pokémon Black and White 11. Super Mario Bros 10. Heavy Rain 9. Final Fantasy VII 8. Metal Gear Solid 4 7. Portal 6. Red Dead Redemption 5. God of War 4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2. Halo: Reach 1. Call of Duty: Black Ops


    i dont see how heavy rain made the list since the ending i had was probably different from the ending another person may have had

      That's the beauty of it. I loved both endings I got, and both were very different. It was personal.

      What's wrong with Bioshock's ending, people, by the way?

    Yes, 3 halo games within the top 20
    But really, what was the ending of Black Ops? I never played it but for a one off in a series of repetitiveness I don't expect very big things

      To be completely honest the single player campaign was the only decent thing in black ops, but it still didnt make up for the abysmall multiplayer and terrible textures.

    Call of Duty games being listed there implies they have stories to start with. I find that funny.

    Really? who are these people that were surveyed? 5 year olds, Call of duty for a start doesnt have a story. Its just alot of flash (but fun). These are all main stream games. There are way better games with fantastic stories like Ace combat 5, Tales of vesperia etc.

    How did super smash bros get in there, there is no story what so ever!

    FF7's ending was crap. I even thought that the first time I played it. "All those hours of playing... as THIS is the best they can give me?"

    FF8 or FF12 would have been a much better choice of ending. Heck, even FF10-2's ending was more meaningful.

    Mike what the hell is going on??? This was posted by Tracey yesterday

      People on the US-site can't see articles that originate from Kotaku AU. So you'll see US writers regurgitate AU articles from time to time. It's just something that happens.

    Pokemon made the list? That's not right, considering half of the game unlocks after you complete the main storyline. There's hardly an ending to it.

      Are you kidding? Professor Oak came as quickly as he could. There's your big finish.

      *suppressed giggles*

    Half Life 2: Episode Tow Truck. Quite.

    I guess I can see why Black Ops is number one, due to the screen cap above that whole "America Fuck Yeah!" style of the end made me laugh.

    43. Half-Life 2: Episode Tow
    I remember the all mighty Tow, best Towing I ever had.

    KOTOR should have been wayy higer than that, especially the dark side ending.

    Final Fantasy X should have been on there too, like no 1. Possibly the most bitter sweet ending of anything I've read/watched/played.

      Totally agree on both points. The ending of Final Fantasy X emotionally moved me in a way that no movie or game had before.

      As Phantom said, given that Super Smash Bros is on here it looks like everyone just voted for their favourite game.

        Correct, and as CoD fags are likely to be K:D figure loving fags they're likely to buy a douche fag figure fag book.

        Did I fit in enough fag references for CoD? I might go listen to some XBL CoD chat and see how many times I hear 'fag' now.

    The 50 Best "Mainstreamish" Video Game Endings Of All Time
    Fixed it for you.

    Also my vote's with Nier... maybe To the The Moon.

    What utter BS, I love MGS but the endings tend to be fairly preachy, they don't really belong in theis list, FF VII does not realy belong as high as it is (and maybe not on the list at all) and it's still one of my favorite games, now the ending of FF VIII was wonderful...

    This seems more like "peoples favorite games" than "best endings"

    Wait. Halo: Reach? As in, Halo: The one in which everybody knows from the start exactly what will happen? Halo: Everybody dies you have to be deaf blind and dumb not to know that?
    And Black Ops? I played the campaign twice maybe three times, and I still don't remember it's ending.
    Maybe my definition of a good video game ending is wrong or something.

      I assumed it got that position because of the "Lone Wolf" mission, which I actually thought was a brilliant way to end it.

        +1. To be able to play on after the cinematics and last as long as you can was an awesome way to end.

    Black Ops???? WTF people??? Where is Zelda3? That ending eats OoT for brekky.

    Soon the 13 thousand gamers who voted for this will get a reward of my foot up their ass!

    Were they high when they voted?

    MGS4 and MGS1 BEFORE MGS3? Wha? I'm a massive MGS nerd and even I realise that snake eater had a much more cohesive and interesting plot as well as an amazing ending (that was kind of a beginning at the same time).

      Yeah I was shocked at that. MGS1 didn't have so much of an emotional ending as it was extremely revolutionary for the time. I mean CODs style of blockbuster direction can be compared to MGS1. But yeah MGS4 - im not gonna go on a rant but this is my least favourite interactive movie i have watched

    Blah blah something something don't agree wtfbbq lol wut etc etc.

    Oh and Red Dead's ending SUCKED. It was so flat and anti climactic. The first, sort of 'half' of the ending was almost out of nowhere and then the 'second half' was just... nothing. Lucky the game itself was so good.

    The first Mass Effect had a way better ending than Mass Effect 2. Climactic space battle with choices that carry across to the next game. It gave me chills, I'm actually struggling to remember how the second one ended, I can only remember the stupid human reaper boss.

    I actually laughed at the Black Ops ending. Total Bay-gasm
    All it needed was a superimposed American flag in the background to be complete

    What? No Wing Commander 3? C'mon, he blows up the entire Kilrathi planet ffs!! And a war that's been going on for generations finally ends with the Kilrathi surrender.

    No Ico? A heart wrenching ending to an amazing game.

    lulz at this "list"

    I guess gaming in the 90s didn't exist...

      ICO definitely deserves a place in the top 10. Such an incredible ending to an awesome game!

      Still, you know how these lists are. None are ever the way you think they should be.

    Presenting the top 50 most mainstream games in order of mainstreamness.
    Where the hell is Braid? That had an awesome ending.

      To witness the awesome ending in Braid, one must first be able to complete Braid. An accomplishment which I doubt most of the people who voted in this poll were capable of.

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