The Art Of Homeworld

Yeah, I usually post art from recent games here on Fine Art, but sometimes I like to look back and get a little retrospective. Today will be one of those days, as we're showcasing the work of Rob Cunningham on seminal space strategy game Homeworld.

Which is only one of my favourite, and certainly visually striking, games of all time.

Cunningham, who is now working at Blackbird Interactive on Hardware, did some of these images (most courtesy of Encyclopedia Hiigara) 15 years ago, while others a little more recent, as they were for the game's sequel.

He was a co-founder of Homeworld's developer, Relic (now more famous for Dawn of War and Company of Heroes), and worked as art director on both Homeworld and Homeworld 2 (Homeworld Cataclysm having been worked on by Barking Dog).

This is some of, I believe, the best video game art around, particularly in terms of how original and influential it's been, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    God I loved those games. So very much. If ever there was a game that deserves another sequel, its Homeworld.

    That first flythrough in Homeworld was spectacular. Loved that game despite never being very good at it.

    I always seem to forget how stunning that game could be.

    Interesting. From the intro image and without reading the title I thought it was an article about an anime version of 'Aliens'. Looks like the Sulaku.

    greatest RTS of all time.....Blizzard may one day reach this level of depth in gameplay when they make Starcraft 6......till then its homeworld + mods!!

      I agree with this. I'm terrible at it but it's sho much fun. I can't think of any other game I can say that for.

    Remember that 3rd level when you go back and the whole planet's burning and Adagio for strings comes on, and the AI gets sad, but really the Ai is a woman who embedded herself in the ship. Wow.

      Yes - arguably the best sequence I've ever gone through in a videogame, freaking GOLD.

      I played Homeworld 1 to death, to the point where the mission that you had to stealth in some ships to retrieve *something* (can't remember now) I just kept trying to steal all the beam frigates, when I eventually got over it I had almost that entire sphere on my side :D

    Ahhh memories... Capturing vast quantities of enemy ion beam cruisers with my marine frigates then turning the enemy's own firepower against them, figuring out exactly how far into the nebula you could mine before the kadeshi took notice and came to massacre you... Wonder if there's any problems running the game on Win7

      Thats it, Im reinstalling deus ex, I mean homeworld

        +1 internets for you :)

        I would love to play HW again.

        And the music... as great as the gameplay was and as great as the story and the art direction was it was the music that really sold me.

        Ah damn, going to have to go find it again and play it...

    I was so bad at this game, so bad.
    Yet I still loved it, it was just beautiful.

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