The Best Use Of The Vita's Touch Panel So Far

One of the best uses of the PS Vita's rear touch panel comes from the FIFA folks at EA Sports, who realised that the back of the Vita and the back of the goal aren't that different after all.

I've purchased two different versions of FIFA 12 in an attempt to learn a sports game — any sports game. First I got the Xbox 360 version. Then I bought the Vita version. Then I traded in the Xbox 360 version. This video demonstrates one of the major reasons why.


    "The Best Use Of The Vita’s Touch Panel So Far"...

    An off button so you can pack it up and sell it?

      And the award for least constructive comment of the week goes to...

      Vita is shaping up to be something that could potentially be hugely successful. Just you watch, if a cod gets put on it this year every single high school male will want one. Not to be written off just yet.

        Look at Sony...they haven't made a smart business in years. The PS3 took 6 years to become real competition in this gen of consoles. The PSP sold ridiculously pathetic numbers in comparison to its only competition. Their home theatre and audio departments are being smacked around by countless other companies.

        The Vita being a success in the handheld market will be an absolute miracle. Without that miracle it will just be the PSP2.

          smart business decision*

          Either way. My tl:dr point is;

          Sony are failing miserably and rely on fanbois to keep them going.

            "Sony are failing miserably and rely on fanbois to keep them going."

            Microsoft are failing miserably and rely on fanbois to keep them going.

            Nintendo are failing miserably and rely on fanbois to keep them going.

            Put each company name infront of the sentence and it's all true... WHAT'S YOUR POINT RETARD!?

              Nintendo are cleaned up with the DS and sold at a profit. The 3DS had a price drop but has rocketed in sales and is still sold at profit.

              Microsoft are cleaning up with OS, software and the 360 all sold at profit.

              Sony, has to sell TV's at a loss, looking at selling Vita at a loss, started selling PS3 at a loss. PSP owned by DS in terms of sales. PS3 taking six years to actually become a competitor in the latest gen console market. They are no longer in the top 5 for markets they owned in the 90's. For gaming, they are still coming in 3rd place...out of 3....

              How much clearer can one make this point?

              Clear enough for you?

                Oh for Nintendo I should have also mentioned the Wii...but we all know your rebuttal was not exactly well though out....retard.

                  thought out*

                  Curse these typos! I've been a complete Dan with my sentences all night.

                As much as I love the vita and sony, I have to agree with chazz.
                But can we at least appreciate the hardware for itself not for the brand?

              Nintendo relying on fanboys? Stupid.
              With all the marketing they do towards casual users, they don't even need fanboys. You could probably even say the same thing about Microsoft.

    Another article seemingly ending in fanboy hate again.

    Honestly Chazz if you want to sound off your thoughts of hatred against Sony and the Vita, why not just join some forum and voice your opinion in System Wars and go nuts in there, rather than here. You, like many people on the internet go to articles like this with the sole intention to spit the dummy about something you hate and get attention for it. If you hate Sony and the Vita so much, why the hell did you click on the article anyway, only to miss the point of the article to go on about personal opinions irrelevant to the article at hand?

      You don't seem to understand that articles like this can be biased, and it offends some readers.

        How is talking about how one of the Vita's features that works well in one game biased? People raging off topic about the 3DS are biased, no where was the 3DS mentioned. In a previous article they said they didn't know whether the back touch screen was just a gimmick and they would be waiting for games that used it well to try and see. FIFA 12 apparently uses the back screen well.

        4 letter words offend readers. Apparently Sony is one of those 4 letter words that offends a certain reader.

    Well done Kotaku editor for posting the stupid rant above.... wheres the moderation?

      Free speech, yo.

    nice lingerie hand gloves LOL i think that was a awesome BURN!

    Vita > 3DS

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