The Case Of Final Fantasy VII’s Phantom Panties

The Case Of Final Fantasy VII’s Phantom Panties

OK. So there’s been a long-running mystery surrounding Final Fantasy VII and a pair of women’s underwear. For 15 years now, people have wondered what the hell these knickers — actually an unused item — were for, but some recent fan translations of Japanese-language interviews have finally solved a mystery that’s no doubt been keeping you sleepless since the ’90s.

Turns out the game’s HoneyBee Inn was originally meant to be much larger, with extra floors and rooms upstairs. As part of a quest to get access to see Don Corneo, Cloud would have had to sneak in upstairs in disguise.

Disguised as a hostess.

So you had to track down items of women’s clothing to dress up in, one of those being a pair of panties. Which in an unused section of the game, in the video above, are handed to you by a pervert who snatched them off a clothesline. Tifa’s clothesline.

To recap: you would have spent some time in Final Fantasy VII, as Cloud, dressed as a hostess, wearing a pair of Tifa’s underpants.

The Mystery Behind The Mystery Panties: Solved (Final Fantasy VII) [NeoGAF]


  • This doesn’t seem all that different from what actually ended up in the game… the ‘Cloud in Tifa’s underpants’ bit is slightly different…

    Unless you count what happened in the barn later in the game ;-P

    • Yep. Apart from specifically wearing Tifa’s underwear, this is all the same. But it makes sense that one of the pairs of underwear you could get would be Tifa’s.

    • As I recall you had to dress up as a girl to get into the mansion in the first place, and part of that involved obtaining girls underwear to complete Cloud’s costume. I think the best underwear was obtained by beating the beefy guy at the gym in a squats competition.

  • So… Why didn’t Tifa just give Cloud part of her wardrobe? Not side-questy enough?

    Then again I played FF7 about 7 years ago so you might not have had Tifa in your party at this point.

    • You had both Tifa and Aeris in your party at that point because they are your “competition” when trying to get picked by Don Corneo for Special Fun Time. If I recall correctly, getting picked allowed you to get an item.

      • Actually, you only had Aerith in your party at this point, having been separated (and subsequently meeting Aerith) from Tifa and co. when cloud fell from the reactor walkway.

        The reason you are getting dressed up was as much to get information as it was to find Tifa (you saw her head to Sector 6 on a chocobo pulled carriage, hence why you go there). You meet Tifa in the mansion where it takes her a few moment to realize that Cross-dressing cloud is cloud.

        So, TLDL: Tifa couldn’t give you her nickers because she didn’t know you needed them until after she saw you in another womans nickers.

        I may have played FF7 a bit too much growing up.

  • You dont get the underwear in the game until the flashback in Kalm when snooping through Tifa’s drawers. As the picture above looks like where it is. It was only the Japanese version that had picture items, FF7 International I beleive? Unless it was meant to be implemented earlier as with the FF7 demo differences.

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