The Cast Of Community Goes All Street Fighter

It seems like the character archetypes in every successful TV ensemble show are a bit interchangable — there's the Rachel, the Ross, the Joey and the Chandler. Or the Samantha, the Carrie and the Miranda. Or, if you watch NBC's Community, there's the Troy, the Abed, the Pierce and the Britta.

Apparently, the characters of video game ensembles are equally compatible. DeviantArtist kinjamin has put together this humorous mashup of the cast of Community and many of the most famous characters in Street Fighter. We've got Jeff as Guile, Annie as Chun-Li, Britta as Cammy, Pierce as Zangief (heh), and of course, Abed and Troy as Ryu and Ken.

And the best fit of all is Ken Jeong's Chang as… Blanka. Wait, did I say best? That one's actually kind of a stretch.

View the full-sized image here.

Streets Ahead [Kinjamin via Rampaged Reality]


    You forgot the Dean, who is also Chun-Li, and he is holding on to Jeff's arms.


    6 seasons and a movie

      ^ this please?

      Screw 30 Rock...

        I second the motion to screw 30 Rock - terrible show. Bring back Community.

    Love this!

    I have to say though to Greenius and Thomas... What are you thinking?! 30 Rock is amazing. I love both it and Community, but Community's second season was very weak at points compared to the first. I cringe just thinking about the S2 Christmas episode. 30 Rock has only ever improved and gotten funnier in my mind - there's a reason it's still going.

    While we're at it let's throw another amazing comedy show out there - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. How these shows are put on in late night slots while trash like 2 and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory take the primetime is beyond me.

    Oh, Britta's in this.

    Still, pretty cool. Cool cool cool.

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