The Creator Of Final Fantasy Just Wants To Have Fun

Hironobu Sakaguchi doesn't worry too much about the future, he said in an interview with Eurogamer published today. He worries about the now.

The creator of Final Fantasy, whose latest game The Last Story hit European stores last week and will invade the U.S. this summer, says he doesn't have any specifically pressing goals or ambitions. He just wants to enjoy every waking moment.

I am always most excited about the now. It's always the current moment that is the most exciting in game development. Of course the techniques that are used in game creation and theory are always evolving. When I first started in the industry I could never have imagined games would look the way that they do today. So I am excited for today. But also I am excited for tomorrow.


There's nothing in particular that I want to achieve. I want to enjoy the moment, have fun as I go alone.

Check out the whole interview. It's a well-written, fascinating peek into the mind of a legend.

Hironobu Sakaguchi: Fantasy Man [Eurogamer]


    "The Creators of FInal Fantasy Just Want to Make Movies"


      You're geting mixed up. The guy this article is referring to is the creator of Final Fantasy and hasn't been involved in any of the games since FFX.

        While I was just going for a joke title, the joke holds true for everything after FF4 or maybe FF5. So, I stand by it..

    Looking forward to The Last Story.

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